Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Daily Diaper Rash

Have you noticed that the content and quality of your Facebook Newsfeed is getting worse? Have you noticed that you seem to be getting way too many Spammy stories, or articles that are just a tad over being trash pads? I have and its beginning to be looking like the end of the day of what Mark Zuckerburg intended to be his legacy. Oh he says he's worth billions, so was Bill Gates, but that didn't make it to where Windows and Microsoft, didn't go into the toilet and manure pile. Bit by bit Microsoft features, content from its MSN platform, free classified ads and so on disappeared, until it was gone forever. MSN Messenger was removed, much of what made Microsoft good, is gone. I went to Google Chrome, and very seldom us IE. Watch and see if Facebook doesn't start to rust as well. Many other platforms are emerging, from instaprint, to Anthropod, before too long there wont be no FB, then Mark will be selling Sandwiches at Subway, like Jared did, until he gets arrested for mauling a child gets sued, because some urban ethnic wife thinks there's a pay day or chance to get famous, so she sets up one of these people. Drags their names through the horse poop, and after its all washed out in the Kenmore, their innocent, but the bitch that brought up the crap in the first place is still riding high. There ought to be a law where these sluts can't publish articles or get money for interviews on TV for these trumped up charges. Plus can't write a book, or do a TV show or film on one of these events for at least 5 years. Don't get me wrong I'm not into censorship or getting rid of any freedoms like freedom of speech , but I draw the line that when there a pending legal case or its already over there ought to be a legally binding gag order for at least 5 years. To give the accused party guilty or not a chance to breathe. 
So woke up just a bit ago, got a call from our sweet Judy, now she wants to come to work for us. The answer is an obvious yes. Finally a female me, so I don't have to, now just need to push getting in the old city hall building. Mr. Bliss is taking his sweet time, in getting us a lease and all. Then Pam called , guess she's got paper work, yet , with this bumb leg of mine, shy of a fire, I ain't leaving the house. Both can deliver here to the Wolf's Lair, #C-202. But I find it interesting, even if the lady employee is hitched or not, they growl a bit more if they know their job hubby, or boss is involved, or purr a bit extra louder if they think he's single. Over the weekend I twisted my ankle so bad I had to go up to the ER, get a spounge wrap, and take pain pills for a few days, yea Happy Birthday to me Tomarrow . I'm making that up after the 1st, by then I'll have replenished some of the cash stash, and can celebrate in style.
So I watched Lucifer the series's season finale, don't Get me wrong the writing on this series is right on, some of the biblical references are a bit off, but close enough to entertain. Thing is I don't watch this show for any of the dude, I watch it for the babes, and there are many. It seems the in fashion, is extremely tight , rip open at the grunt of a female fart, leather pants more over body suits. Of course my question is does her private parts smell better or worse after production, and are these wearables the in fashion for everyday life. Could you imagine anybody walking into your office that worked for you, in conservative Utah and extended towns like Evanston, here which is supposed to be of Wyoming, but acts like its in Utah, but could you imagine a hottie walking in, in one of those near plastic, or leather body suits, in your office? Any mile, I'm heading back to the rack so I can be back on the air later tonight. 
Note to Pam and Judy , want me today? Come out to the Wolf's Lair aka Wentworth Apartments, #C-202, and drop off your paperwork, here. until my leg heals a bit more I ain't going out the door.