Sunday, April 10, 2016

OOps Yahoo is having a headache and throwing up

If you got up this morning and went to and tried to get to your FRee Yahoo mail, you might have found it did not work , as Bro would say fidn'tdidn't as I tried, that but to no avail. Yahoo has been having a bunch of problems here lately, both from a tech problem, to administrative including financial problems. The company is being sold off by the way in chunks, supposedly to shore up major cash, and beef up its core business's one being its free email piece. The problem is Yahoo, hasn't kept up very well on its core business, or even returning phone calls for ad buyers. So it means, that most of if not all of what the club has on Yahoo, will have to be taken off and as a club scrub using Yahoo. 
Went out to Nate's last night , looked at the freshly painted truck he did up for his lady, great job, some extras I would have added to a moderate custom , would have been side pipes along the bottom of both the bed not stacks , more like lake pipes, and a strip or two of chicken lights, along with some silver fade to white ghost flames, but overall a great job. Coming back just a 1/4 mile from Nate's shop is our shop , having a coughing fit, nearly flew by our shop. 
Of course never made it back here to the Wolf's Lair in time to do up this mornings show on HazzardAyre( , but will give it a go this midnight, as I have a bunch of production to do yet. Which brings me to the simple things that I have been writing about for the last month and a half. For HazzardAyre Radio and all its offsprings to operate on a timely manner and on schedule, there has to be more than just me doing the heavy lifting. Sure in years gone by there were those that did the muscle as well as light duty here, but most of the clubs are overseas doing aviation duties in the Marines and Navy, so I'm here keeping the home fires burning, trouble is those fires are turning into small glowing coals. I have gotten so many promises from various people that want to step in or asked to step in to do various programming and producing here. Trouble is there, they find the many hours it takes, and they decide its not their piece of cake. Which is why I'm busting balls to get Lexi or someone like her(there is no one like her , here in Evanston, she's too purrfect) to join our 
 to write copy, produce segments as well as host and co-host co anchor shows here. If I got at least 6 in the team, I could qualify the club to invest in moving this out of the Wolf's Lair to an office/studio, as it is, that would be a waste of time. Which brings me to the opinion of most of the club, if there are the human resources in either Boise, Idaho Falls, Idaho and/or Salt Lake City Utah, would it be more of an advantage, to move the radio gig there, sell the license in Evanston, Wyoming and be done with it? More on that in the afternoon edition, but I have talked to many people, two who said they wanted to jump in, in fact had breakfast one morning with one, yet neither has come to the Wolf's Lair, to do any mock up shows, let alone anything live. These same people will jump up in time as other people from our small community become involved, we are making progress, but it takes so much out of me, that I do wonder, would heading to Utah or Idaho's capitol cities make more sense, more over make more dollars?
So If you woke up to and couldn't fetch your mail you were not alone. Let ya'll know when and if it gets fixed.