Friday, April 22, 2016

This, that and the other you have to get the other as its a set.

 Our lady in Realty asks , " What is a letter of intent?" A real Estate letter of intent, is a written letter, that says that if the price is met and no leans or garnishments 
are attached to the property , they will proceed with the sale and vacate same in a timely manner. So why do we require this in the club? Reason is that we as an organization have went after drinking establishments at least 8 times. We go in, scout the thing, get everything all set to go, and when it has came to the owners to cry Uncle, they say they have decided not to sell. Shorty's in Boise, Sportsmans Lounge just outside of Hazzard Idaho, Hot Rocks in Twin Falls, the Oasis in Twin Falls, and Lotty's here in Evanston. This time the club says, if we buy they will sell and if they renig at the last moment we want a piece of legal paper that say's we can get a good part of our money back, for our efforts. Not just be sitting there with egg on our faces. Now then talking Idaho. Over in Bliss, Idaho is a real neighborhood bar and sorta grill called Angels and Outlaws Saloon. Frank has done great things with it, but at $350k which that includes a liquir license, next to a two bay service station garage, means Evanston Wyoming is not our only choice. Thing is, there would be no labor shortage or human resources to hire from, all the club needs to do is say we are here, and we'd have half the valley over there ready to serve. Same goes for our now just a translator station in Buhl, Idaho but could be made a full power Class 1 radio station with just the turn of a door key and installation of equipment. Plus its 20 degrees warmer. Best of all in Bliss , we'd be the ONLY resident towing service there, and a Sheriff's office that would welcome us with bells on. 
Bottom line, Evanston, its time to poop or get off the pot, the Knytes are not going to wait forever, our $371, million can be spent in Idaho just as well as Wyoming.