Friday, April 22, 2016

Praises to Pam

It's finally the end of my day, it's time for me to get off the computer, break open my mac and cheese, along with cottage cheese, big milk, and Ding Dongs, watch some TV and catch some sleep so I can be with all you heavy haulers overnight on RodeWolf Radio. 
I want to get this out there though, before I go, beddy bye for the night. 
I have worked with many Realty people in my lifetime. Some good, some bad, some complete idiots, and some that were close to being call girls, selling property. But I need to say, I'm very pleased and honored that our realty lady Pam here in Evanston, Wyoming is the most professional, efficient , and kind person that I have ever worked with. Now before many of ya'll think I'm pining for this lady think again, she's a friend of course, but our connection for buying property, nothing else , and it would be no different , if Pam was a Paul, or a man doing this transaction. If everyone in this small town was as good, upstanding and honest as Pam is, I wouldn't have as many sour grapes in my mouth about Evanston. At least its business community. Now I fully understand, that there are those in that business community that are not trusting. The fact that some asshole came in here to this town blowing his own horn on a radio station, LONG BEFORE us. Did not help our cause and causes. The fact that I don't wear a suit and tie, or drive a still owed to the bank new car, or have a piece of black plastic attached to my suit, shouldn't make a BIG difference. I am me, honest and attempting to not only help to this stuck up town, but to be of service to that big piece of black ribbon out there called I-80 and the main residents thereof those being the American trucker, the true backbone to this nation. Remember if you got it, a trucker brought it, or hauled it. 
The Knytes-of-Dixie started out as a 4-H truck transportation organization in 1973, grew to a membership of over 5,000 just in Idaho and Utah, by 1982 we caught Hazzard fever and became the Hazzard County Knytes(Knights) and in 2008 converted to the Knytes of Dixie. With just over 50,000 members in the continental United States, and just over 3 million world wide the Knytes have a strength, that is unmatched by any mc or truckers organization. Period. Evanston is the choice of the organization to be its Mountain West HQ, and will by the end of 2017 employee 200 people, here. And why? Because of and especially due to people like Pam of Uinta Realty.  As for me and my involvement in the Knytes, I own and drive a tow truck, as such and since 1982 have been the President of the Knytes's Towing Council, aka the Rode Knytes Association. 
Any mile need feed, and oh btw , I'm back on the market, Shelly my fiance are no more, she insulted the club, and as such, I had to break up with her. She did not and cannot pay back the club for money spent on her , thus I'm a lone Wolf once more. 
See you on the cyber radio later tonight starting at 03:00AM. At: