Wednesday, April 27, 2016

peeping Tom spotted in Mountain Green, too bad too little information from local press

First of all it ain't me, let me make that crystal clear. Heard on KSL 5 News of a voyer prowling the area of Mountain Green in Morgan County Utah. So I looked the article up and saw little in the way of a full story, like an approximate height, weight, or partial description of the perp. Where was he seen last, why he might have chosen the first objectives, and so on. Let's dig into the meat of a story so others know what to look for. Has anyone seen any pics of the victims in the photos from a cell phone, albeit taken as the news on 5 said was taken with a selfie stick? If so, where? Under what posting and who posted. Give us an example of the victim so we can see why this Yankee might have taken these or did this invasion of personal space. 
I remember an old saying that a old cop in Glenn's Ferry Idaho told me a few years ago, there is the state of Ada, and the State of Idaho. Likewise I think there's the state of Metro-Utah and then the rest of the state of Utah. And all too many forgot about areas on the backside of the Wasatch range including Morgan, Echo, and that area. In fact it was indeed the efforts once upon a time, that wrote, barked, howled and got Morgan into the eyes of the press let alone the rest of the state of Utah. Why do I mention this? On the backyard of Morgan there is a berg called Porterville, and the Porterville Church. That was abandoned many years ago. The Knytes are still battling on buying that property, to rebuild it in its entirety, outside as it was once, but transforming the inside into a media hub, for the east side of the Wasatch front, that will be the main center for HazzardAyre TV. Evanston Wyoming is still in view for HazzardAyre Radio, depending on finding on air, and engineering staff, but, Morgan Utah has been chosen as the home of HazzardAyre/Southern Steele TV. 
Why? So the news that's important like the voyer, as reported near Mountain Green, is told, in its entirety, so people stay informed, to be safe and secure. 
We'll be on later on starting at midnight.