Saturday, April 9, 2016

Took the day off and went on a one horse quarter horse to hunt for treasure

Some times its great to turn down the flames a bit and go back to an era of backwoods trails, and no people. Few places offer that any more especially with cell phones and wifi, but Saturday I shed that lead and went up into the hills surrounding the small Wyoming town of Afton Wyoming. The goal was to see if we could find that buried treasure of that gold that was stolen in the mid 19th Century by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid from Montpelier Idaho. Legend has it where the two outlaws robbed what is now the Wells Fargo Bank there and in the get away buried their loot in a big box between Montpelier Idaho and Afton Wyoming in a small hidden canyon. The haul was valued then in the area of $500k of Gold coins, who knows what it's worth today. It wasn't so much of finding that , but the adventure in the attempt. So at 07:00 Hours, 2nd cousin Brady, came over, grabbed me out of bed, and over to Montpelier we went. Got there at the Bear Lake County Fairgrounds and mounted horses. First of all I haven't been horseback in years but I adapted well. We had lunch in that back country, at 13:00 hours, and just rode most of the day. I was able to unwind from weeks and months of tension and stress. Got back here at 20:00 hours , unloaded my bowels, and just getting ready to go take a bath. Head for bed, and be ready for church in the morning. 
It was a great day, a bit on the cold side weather wise but it was nice to just be out amongst nature and Heavenly Father. I also saw a bunch of economic improvement in and around Montpelier, and surrounding area. Did make me start thinking. When I got home and turned on my Cell phone, I saw that Dave and Nate called, but figured they had better things to do that hear from me , so decided not to call. Monday I'll call the Real Estate lady, on the bars, and take care of that, plus shift a few things around, to spend more time at the shop and reduce time spent on the radio gig, one is easier than the other. The shop and LexiBelle will make me money, the latter will too, but that takes more human resources than I think is available here in Evanston. What I have found is, maybe one even 3 people that could with little instruction come into a studio, sit down and do a full hour or so of a radio show. More over few that want to be an engineer on the project, where even Montpelier has 10 people that can step in to do that, causes one to give the entire situation a bunch of thought. Any mile , I wont be on air as promised since my body needs sleep. I'll be on Sunday afternoon after church. 
All in all it was a fantastic day, something I need to do more, not less.