Thursday, April 14, 2016

I say, practice what you preach or at least admit your a bigot against another view point

There was a time not that many years ago, in fact during the prelim discussions with Kim Lee, on the Knytes buying KBAR, there, that I was tuned into Zeb's show as I always do in the mid morning when over there. Now the precursor to my rant here is this. Two days before, I read in what was a competing news rag of Cassia County, about a historian and distant kin of a Northern Yankee Army Veteran of the grand war or northern invasion to the southland. Of course I stood up as any good Confederate would and asked, who this guy was and how about me going to the same schools during this guys presentation and tell those students the real history of that conflict, from one of a Confederate view. You could hear the crickets. So that one day, there was a gap in Zeb's show, so I called in and wanted to talk the southern side, as the cry for getting rid of our flag of Dixie was just starting. I got two minutes into what I wanted to say, got cut off, and thus forced to shut up. 
Then last week I think it was Thursday last's show that Zeb was saying we all should get involved, get active, voice and bark and howl on issues and policies we feel passionate about. On the issues of Southern heritage and all Zeb and I are light years apart. You have to excuse him, he's a Yankee, and as we say in the south taking from the Bible, Forgive them Yankees for they know not what they do. I will say this too and this was why I think Kim pulled the plug on the sale of KBAR to us. The Knytes , myself, and of course our aviation wing are the real Wolves in amongst the sheep. We do not follow protocol, we do not follw or blindly obey the establishment, we are the real radicals of both the airwaves, as well as the sky, and highway. Have been always will be. 
Now to this, like many kountry music entertainers have said it, you can't write, sing about things you really have not lived. The greats , Waylon, Willie and others have lived the events they sing about. It's their attitudes that to be true to your listeners and or audience you have to sing what you live, or it comes across all too phony. In radio Zeb and I have followed each other, mostly he follows us. As well as me, I write a blog, Zeb writes a blog, I go online with my show, Zeb goes online with his show, although I will say that Livestream, that carries ours is much better than that radioloyalty outfit Zeb uses. Yet after 6 years, Zeb knowing us in the Modern Confederacy as we are, I have yet to have Zeb call me and discuss the issue over our flag, the bath room situation in Mississippi and North Carolina. Two states that are in the heart of what I will call the Rebel Dixie belt. I say this to Zeb, instead of just barking about telling, people to get involved with issues and such they are passionate about , or, our point on Confederate matters why not call me on the phone and let us say our rant on your show. 
Okay then next entry, With Twin Falls Idaho growing faster than Marijiana plants, the fact is, and I've said it many times, if the the local paper in Twin Falls area, wants to really give a hat's off to the one organization that put the Magic Valley of Idaho, on any big corporate companies radar, how about doing a story about us, our club, the Hazzard Knytes/Knytes-of-Dixie? I'd go more into it, but it requires a full article , but I dare the Times News, to get out of their safe box, and recognize that if it wasn't for the Knytes-of-Dixie, the entire area from Burley, to Bliss would be going backwards. There is more history in our organization than just about any civil or hobby organization in that valley. An organization that started with a youth based CB radio club that presented a truckers/cb'ers Jamboree in 1975 at the Filer Fairgrounds, that trippled the local population by 300,000 in a week, to our organizing at the , then polish Palace, now Snake River Grill in Hagerman with 15 youth, and creating an organization that is now just over 150,000 people around the globe, 50,000 just in the North American Union. No, and I mean NO organization has invested more, opened more doors, or has spent the hours working for that community than the Knytes-of-Dixie. Now there's an article and it has one emblem it is this
 We believe in it, we love it and we obey it. We know its not a symbol of hate, slavery, racism, or anything that it shouldn't. We know it's a symbol, of love, truth, family, and faith.