Saturday, April 16, 2016

Don't ever judge a person from what they wear nor the ink they display, as both are not the real person its purely superficial

Over the last month or so I have been in the urgent search for cover girl models for the clubs website, as well as a grouping of TV ads to draw more of the none knowing public to the radio show/network. What I have rapidly found is that not all women wearing ink are that radical or rebellous . There was an old kountry music song that had as a title, Don't call him a cowboy, until you see him ride. Likewise, don't prejudge a woman with ink as being wyld either. In fact it'll most likely be some chiquita that is very mainstream and completely shy, and reserved. Just like Lexi here in Evanston . I met her, saw her ink, and thought, " Hey she just might be the kind of honey we need at our bar and grill, as well as doing some on camera work. After many weeks, her guy pal, said, not my woman. I guess it has something to do, with being around us biker types. Then I started seeing ads being flung at me worse than raw manure at a rodeo, for pop ink, gals starting a so called bad girls, alternative agency out of Boise. Came right down to pinning them down, and only, and I'll bet they would have remained had I not brought this up, but just because I spoke of the toe kiss for the teasing of two words TOE and TOW combined gets 
 that this so called bad girls agency would have stayed in the project. The gal pictured, was and is remarried, has 3 great kids, and yet had the conoles to step up to the batters box and get in the project. Being as she was in prior vocational assignments a nurse, we called her nurse GoodBody, after the character played on HeeHaw. The resemblence is uncanny. Getting back here on course, Erin got into the whole creation of HazzardAyre and to date I can call or text her any time and she and I are great friends. No physical sexual overtones , just great friends. So here was this bunch and I'll say bunch, because if this had been a real model assignment these gals for standing us up, would be banned and black listed from every talent agents candidate list. You don't hold someone up for a month, tell them your in, then back out just on one technicality. Given the fact that, I'm getting married in 4 years, maybe less time, and building a media arm alongside the Knytes, and all, this would have been a great thing to add to their portfolio. Guess what? They'll never do much in the way of any serious modeling, much less feature TV promo advertising. Of course , I should have put in my brain, because there's more bullshit on FB than there is truth, which is why all too many are gun shy of responding to any offer from FB, just as many don't answer ads from CraigsList. Much of it is not real and a scam. Just because she has tattoos and such, or because someone wears boots, Wrangler jeans and a Stetson, don't mean that is truly what they are. Just like the many who wave our flag of Dixie, they say they are rebels, and all, don't mean they truly are. Many have no idea about the true meaning , behind that flag, or what it still stands for today. The same thing goes for some of the foods we eat, you can't really enjoy the meat until you scrape away the cheese . See ya'll on local radio tonight and online Sunday afternoon on