Friday, April 15, 2016

Uncle Jessie Duke said when your tripping tall cotton, look for snakes

Uncle Jessie Duke said it best, when trippin tall cotton look for snakes, or if your looking for water make sure its a well, not a mirage. My Mom used to say, don't put all your eggs in one basket. In all of these, found our new talent agency and go to person was after it all was a fraud. So look some more. I'm getting to the point of just film the trucks and such, and the models will eventually find us, not us find them. Oh well who the hell needed them any way? There is the fact that you only can get pro talent from Hollywood, Nashville or Atlanta, and if your lucky , maybe Seattle , but not Salt Lake City Utah, and absolutely not Boise. I'd have better fishing in Pocatello, than Boise. At least when we cast in Pocatello, SOMEBODY shows up. Not a bunch of promises. It's good Valerie, Ally and all have day jobs. They'll need them. This is a relief on several fronts, since I am determined to focus on our core operations, and mine. 
See ya'll on the radio, but I post this, in saying if your in the market for talent don't go to Armada or anything or anyone linked to it. One even said we only had 7 likes to UCSA, really? This proves that wrong, 


 kinda kicks that story in the head don't it ? Now then if one does a search for Hazzard County Choppers you will find this; 
 if one goes to Google my Business, you find this; 
 By now if the little Twitches looked, they didn't look hard enough , now did they? Alrighty then as I said before and I say again, its Yankee stupidity, as we say it God, forgive them Yankees, for they know not what they do. Until later tonight oh and one last they sure as hell did not go to our radio site , did they? In case you might miss it, this is what it looks like : 
 Maybe some people ought to look closer before they ditch an $11,million dollar contract.