Friday, April 29, 2016

A new Horizon for an old flame

A gray morning is what you'll find outside as you wake up. I should be asleep by now but radio station duty means time to work although the amount of personal horsepower limits much of me and my normal performance. Nate called last eve just as I was preping to go on air, so I shut down long enough to go partake food at JB's here in Evanston, which I'll say is much better than it was. I think the new owner, has shit canned the old staff and has acquired some new ones that makes it at least in quality of food much better. Of course we got Nathans SO , for a server last night. And despite all that occured with him at the old shop, she was at least kind and friendly, there might be some rekindling there. 
So I came home, fired the radio gig back up, and noticed that while going LIVE was not a problem, nothing I save on RodeWolfFM is being saved in the archieves , so looking to make a slight change there. Can most if not all the other channels we have on except for HazzardAyre and focus just on HazzardAyre Radio on Livestream, and migrate the rest of our content over to an outfit called Primcast, and see if that does any better than LiveStream does. If so maybe its time for us to blow off Livestream, for all of it, including HazzardAyre. Let you know more on that in July. I have noticed a bunch of recent tech problems at Livestream, here lately. Most of which they have repaired quickly, some not so much. I don't know if its they have had a bunch of their good techs walk out or what, but I think their nuts and wrench turners, engineers and all is not keeping up to par. 
For us turning up the heat on the core of our radio efforts, and what we ignited with needs to be the center of that effort. All Hazzard County, all the time and just what it all stands for, and just do different programs on our HazzardAyre Channels, on Livestream, instead of breaking most of up in individual channels like we have done here to fore. So all our programming for our online operation on Livestream, will now be done strictly on 
More this afternoon, I need some sleep.