Thursday, April 14, 2016

Welcome to a scared and reluctant nation. The way out is grit , determination and pulling your head out of your six

If we watch TV or movies we are enthrawlled with the heros, that get it done no matter what. They give the bird to the establishment and fight the system. For Hazzard County people it was always Bo & Luke Duke with a mucho amount of assistance from Cooter, Daisy, and Uncle Jessie. For Airwolf fans it was String Hawk with a bunch of help from Dom, and Caitlan and quite a few others. But we have a great hero or two, and I'll get to us in a few bars here.
That hero is a man named Zeb Bell. I met Zeb first at a gig in 1977/78 somewhere. I was part timing at radio station KLIX, AM 1310 back when Charlie Tuma ran it. I was being a filler person, inside a big yellow chicken called the KLIX KLUCKER, Zeb was covering the same gig, put on by then KMVT called AGRI-ACTION. On my breaks I'd sit down with Zeb and churn over radio war stories. Later I got together with him at the JB's Big Boy where we supposed to have lunch. One of my radio crew and I attended. Wouldn't you know it , my damn check from cousin Bud was running late, so Zeb bought breakfast. Zeb was going to put something together with us, but Gina killed the thing, But thing is I admire Zeb, he always says it as it is without much fanfare, nor caring much what those who oppose him have to say about it. In 2012 it was pitched to me that HazzardAyre buy KBAR. Over several weeks we thought we had that in the bag. Thing is at the last minute Kim Lee , pulled that plug, but HazzardAyre Radio went on anyway. We put up our own tower, we went on the air from our own 100 watt FM and said we don't care. HazzardAyre has never backed down from a challenge or withdrew because of a road block. Maybe its the Marine do or die attitude we have as club members(Remember Luke Duke did service in the Marines at least in Dukes story lines) maybe its Hazzard County tenacity and attitude, and as it says at the end of the title song to the Dukes, Fighting the System. With that said, by now you can figure out that what we are, is not always what you might think of as a network , station, or program born in Southern Idaho. We're working to retransmit Zeb's show hereto northern Utah/Western Wyoming on HazzardAyre Radio.
Been fussing to get a couple of honey's from the Boise area for our websites cover pages, TV ad's and such. I am reminded of the words of Uncle Jessie Duke, when he told us, when your getting ready to fill your bucket with water , make sure what you think is water is not a mirage. As such I'm thinking that 80% of what someone says or does or offers on such social sites as Facebook is pure garbage and only 10 to 20 % real. I caught a bunch of suggested sites on Facebook a month ago, from what I saw as a big new crop of model/acting talent coming out of the Boise valley. What I'm finding is and this goes to a thought, just because some gal gets inked, does not mean they are radical or rebel, most are still very reserved and withdrawn. So for two or so weeks I've been calling , chatting and messaging these gals, only to find no calls. No results. What does one have to do? Go to Los Angeles, Nashville, Atlanta or Miami for model/screen talent? Sure Salt Lake City has one partly qualified agency, the rest there are part time, hardly paying anything, LDS centered agencies. So one talent says to contact another gal. So I did. Now I may be stupid on some things after all I was raised in Hazzard Idaho. But I know if this was being headed by a female or woman casting agent, the line would be so long that you'd be serving pizza slices to those waiting to be auditioned. Sure, Evanston Wyoming is probably not the first place one thinks of when casting a gig. But dig this Park City Utah  home of the Sundance Film Festival is 45 miles away from us. Salt Lake City is a mere 80 miles away, One would think that with a model/acting contract on the line of $350k that's $350,000.00 that you'd get a return phone call. The $350K is not just for the promotion of the online side of our radio/TV operation, mid 2017 it is planned to do a full length motion picture of the history and legacy of the Hazzard Knytes/Knytes(Knights) of Dixie. There is big things planned here, but for some unknown reason, talent is reluctant. Okay then, it is an election season. The candidates are all but organized. It's more finger shaking and BIG Shafts contests. Most anyone is looking at being reluctant to doing anything until after the elections are over. I have always said, that you can't move forward until you are willing to step forward. HazzardAyre by its founding in southern culture , is always and I say it again, hell bound on voting confederate at all times. It is that when I hear Zeb play our nations primary anthem, I'm always put off that he wont play the southern Anthem as well. Outside the station and my shop, as well as in my home, I proudly fly that Dixie flag. I'm proud of her, and know that , that flag is the saving grace of this nation. Confederate's seldom retreat, we did it 150 years ago, and yet, this nation has continued to become corrupt ever since. Had Jefferson Davis won, along with Robert E, this nation might not be in the tar pits it is now. Here in the Knytes-of-Dixie, the owners of HazzardAyre Radio, do not do what we do for the money, we do it for the cause of raising the south, and proclaming the legacy of well, Dixie. Now if the model talent and all will just get on board.