Tuesday, April 26, 2016

There's Ben and then there's the Knytes Who did it first and why we deserve some credit

Before any of you who read this get it in your crotches that this is any kind of bad mouthing Ben and Alma, don't. I have the highest respect of and for both these people. I love both as they are and if the were and are family. But I too love the club. The members of the club, have been on my ride of life from the time we all were 8 years old tricking out our pedal bikes, to now. We have seen it all, lived it all, and pretty much done it all. When the Dukes-of-Hazzard stopped fresh production and CBS stupidly cancelled the show, in 1985, I was so sad, but shortly after I met with exec producer Paul Picard of the Dukes near his death and I promised I would do my best to retain and honor the Dukes legacy. I did the same with Boss Hogg, Waylon, and Uncle Jessie, as well as my best friend Skip Ward an associate producer on the show. My 5th cousin Richie Montgomery played the bumbling radio announcer, on the on TV radio station WHOGG, and so it goes. Hazzard and what makes it up became a part of me, more over than just a hit TV show that many are or were a fan of. Of course in 1982 the Hazzard Knytes(Knights) was founded, and the rest is pretty much Hazzard County history. Back in 1988/89 The Knytes met in a part of Idaho, and took on the idea, of building a Dukes themed Memorial Park near Mountain Home Idaho. Pretty much where the idea of a Nuke power plant was going to be built in 2008. Hazzard County CSA was its name, after we couldn't pull the agreements off due to both a weak labor force and County commissioner approvals, we tabled the plan, and are still looking near Blackfoot Idaho, to construct same, but Ben and Alma later opened Cooter's Place, back east. But shouldn't the Knytes be given some credit for having the same original idea? Next, saw that Ben and his crew are looking to doing a DukesFest at Cooter's Place next year. I'm pretty sure the idea wasn't as popular, until Ben read that the Knytes plan on rolling that out here in Wyoming. Now to put this to rest. I love both Ben and Alma, but like many people out here in the Mountain West, Utah, Idaho,Montana and Wyoming, there's not a great deal of extra money for a family or a lone fan to load up the mini van to head back to Virginia, or Tennessee . If they're lucky, they might have enough money to go to a fun park in Utah called Lagoon. Now if there was a Hazzard County event for Dukes fans out here, would that not be more in tune to reaching out to those fans and saying thanks for your support all these years? This is not a competition, or anything to trash Ben and Alma's efforts, but what we are doing is giving the Mountain Western Dukes, fans an alternative to taking a trip to Virginia, or Tennessee spending mucho money when they only need to spend less money in fuel and lodging and come out west, enjoy Wyoming and soak in all things Hazzard County and Dukes under a big Wyoming sky. 
I just want and I think its deserved, that the Knytes be given a bit more credit for our contribution to Dukes fame, and retention of the Hazzard County legacy.