Friday, April 22, 2016

What part of brotherhood of the highway don't you understand lady? And RodeWolf FM is on overnight tonight

There is something all too many people forget and/or ignore. We who are the citizens of the community of the highway respect, protect and honor others of that community. Be it in 18, 10, 6, or two wheels. 
There are those small things that get in the way and challenge loyalties and honor, amongst us. However we pull back , pull our boots up and remember, thank and do our utmost best to honor our commitment to our brothers of the highway, in our case those who are members of the Knytes or those that might as well be. I let my dear friend Rick, down by not paying him when I should have, I let affection and all of a lady that I should not have gotten involved with get in the way. Not that I wasn't warned. Rick, Roger and Nate all said don't get involved with Shelly. It ain't worth it. Many in my church ward said stay away from her. I tried like hell to get her out of here the middle of March as well as the first of April. But I have a soft heart, so I stomached her for the month. But I flat told her last night, until she pays me back for the money I should have used to pay Rick as well as the club, there is no, and will be no us. Even then its borderline. I'm not in a big hurry to have to be saddled with that baggage and problem. But I can say this, come the first of May, outside of what I need to pay, for my house and shop rents, and all, Rick will have in his hands anything I have left. He's that dear to me. Not in a queer sort of way, but I love that man, to and because he put up with me. Helped fetch LexiBelle back here to me. Along with many other bits of change for chew, and a few other minor things. Mostly giving me a hearing ear when I didn't have ANYONE else to talk too. As far as Shelly is concerned, once she has paid me ALL of the $3,000.00 she owes me, I might, I say MIGHT!! consider a reunification. But not until.
Okay then; overnight, I'll be on the air on . The challenges of doing radio 24/7, plus trying to get going back to towing full speed , plus all the rest is well, a challenge. Not that there are many who want or are willing to get on air, much less do anything on the administrative side of the radio gig. Even with that if we did as a club, buy a bar much less two of them, who the hell is going to work them?