Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Now Page Two why models and such for a radio station?

I have been asked and at times chastized over the need to find , recruit and employ female models and talent for things HazzardAyre as well as the club. This all started back in 1974, when I got a sponsor for a race car from Dittos Jeans, through a department store called Pedersons , now known as Pederson's Ski And Sports. It was agreed that if they gave me money for racing, I'd supply the female model talent at the events I raced at wearing Dittos jeans. So I did, then it was 1980 that the roots of things Hazzard was taking hold, with a shop named the Hazzard County Garage, and maintaining continuity of the show on the shops TV ads, you should have a Daisy. Which is what started the interest in legs in nylons and such since networks and stations at the time made it a rule due to network censors that you could NOT have bare legs, on TV. So enter in the nylons. The first ad we produced was where at the end of the ad, I would kiss the models toes, playing on two words TOW and TOE, in that we luv(love) Toews. Putting the two words together. But that was my shop part of the story. As far as the club was concerned we were in the mindset that where hot girls and women were, there be guys into hot rods and customs and thus recruit members into the club. As far as the AyreWolvez were concerned the concept of models on TV or in print stems from, the concept of the nose art or pin up girls that were on military aircraft. It goes though even further, if your going to do up a TV ad, or a website, you really want something with sizzle. Not just a generic page that might or MIGHT not get seen or viewed. How do you do that, put a hot gal with or without tatts, by a ride, bike, truck or aircraft, in a short skirt . Have her read copy and you have an ad that most genuine male corpuscles will read , view and buy from. Now as far as the on air part.
That I got tuning into an old over the road truckers show that aired on KOB 77 out of New Mexico, called Joc Radio. They had weather and road spotters that would call in, which evolved into having in studio on air talent female of course, as male truckers loved to hear a velvety female voice as they moved freight, late at night. Of course later on there was a OTR drivers show called Interstate Trucker RAdio, which we as a organization bought in 1986. Which turned into Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio. A part of still HazzardAyre. Any mile, ITR had women co anchors or hosts, and again drivers really tuned in. It wasn't though until I caught on air at first then later his movie, Howard Stern , had Robin Quivers, who was his female second seat. I could go on here, but that's the way and reason we still today scout for and hire model and on air talent of hot looking gals.