Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Win some, loose some, no harm , no foul

Ya win some and you loose some, it's the nature of life. Lexi said no, due to a conflict with her guy pal, not keen on her hanging with a bunch of rebel southern bikers and gearheads, so we lost there. However my thought is simple here, once she sees the club meeting at the Legal, and other none resident model gals there , I'd be willing to wager a full tank of diesel , she'd break loose. It was the same thing with Tammy, she poo-pooed us for a many months, once a few hotties showed up at the Lotty's, it was , hey no body is stealing her thunder and she was up for it. The rest there is history.
Okay then got news on The Reaper Club today. It can be had for $250k, so we see what bubbles. Although I'm excited , the reality of , if you have to import everything else from Idaho and Utah, might this gig play better there? So I'm being a bit gun shy on things. Let ya'll know. The fact is HazzardAyre Radio can move just about anywhere there's broadband Internet, since it is at its core a online station. Pocatello is looking good.
Last but not least, getting things patched with Shelly, I got to thinking the other night after church, that hey, I'm not getting younger, I'm not Mr. GQ, and Shelly might just be the best I get, so why not see where it goes. Still haven't heard squat from that Drag strip board, so that's another concern. 
Been a long day, finally got oil for the General JaXson, Shelly came out in a taxi, with some, went up to the Legal, where Lexi gave me the bad news, oh well, like I said, Win some loose some, its normal, once upon a time this would piss me off, these days it'd be more of a shock if a model, much less an on air radio talent showed up, that did the task we ask, and do it right the first time, but as a model agency owner told me once, as big as both Boise and Salt Lake City is, it ain't Los Angeles, Nashville or Atlanta. It's low grade talent at best and you get lack luster results. There is another thing that was once said, You can't progress, if you keep doing the same things the same ways. 
Tried to call that Armada talent agency today. As usual, got only a no answer, leave a message, my thoughts? Either a gone by night agency part fraud, or they too, no matter if they do, do, tattooed gals, they might not be hip to having their sweet honey's hanging around a bunch of southern fried gearheads and or pilots. I'm holding out for two an Ally, and an Alexandra from up Boise way, but one thing that remains solid, that is HazzardAyre(air) Radio.