Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Do you classify the person spending money with you a customer or a client ?

Do you classify the people that spend money with you a customer? Or a client? In our definition a customer is a one time patron, who you might not have any further contact. Neither service work in your shop, nor buying accessories from you in the future. In our arena of towing we call these the one pump chump. They call, you tow you (hopefully) collect and nothing more. Usually motorists. 
However a client, is a trucking company with many or even a small fleet that will contract with you for further business in the future, especially if they tranverse our area of Wyoming. These might be haulers that may need an oil change, tire service, or a simple jump start in the future. In essence a repeat call. But don't shun the single truck owner. He or she might be that hauler that has a dedicated run through your area, that you just snaked out of a deep snow bank, that might need something more in the future. These are the people you make sure are cared for immediately and to the best of your ability. Doing simple things like letting them bed down in your shop's lounge, using your rest room, or even taking them to breakfast. Simple acts of kindness , will kindle new fires of income in the future, after all these Owner Independent truck operators, will echo, your companies name on the CB and online in industry publications etc. You can't buy that kind of unopinionated advertising. 
Of course in other business's like real estate, or selling radio air time, etc. The people, especially walk ins, should be your most important clients, especially radio/TV advertising clients. Most of the time you have to constantly barage your targeted advertiser, but when walks in, you need to show them you care about them. And forget what they look like, or do not judge because of what they drive. Example, God rest his soul, Billionaire Jack R Simplot, who was in his life the ceo President of Simplot soil Builders, Mining, and yes creator of Micron Technologies. Yet if you were to ever see him, he was in a pair of farmer style overalls, driving a favorited 52 Chevy pickup, and he was most at home with shovel in his hand working in a farm field, yet the man could buy and often did, anything or any small company he wanted. Many underestamated him. He was not a book learned person, but gave millions to education both in Idaho as well as western Wyoming and northeastern Utah. Many judge the membership of the Knytes this way, we pull up driving older cars or trucks , or rat rods and rat trucks, and wearing their ripped jeans. Thing is collectively the Knytes can and usually do buy what we desire, at least if it makes sense and there's not a ton of resistance. Which has been the very case here in Evanston. 
While its easy to judge and be superficial over the person doing business with you, if you want them as a one pump chump customer, treat them like crap, if you want them as a repeat long time client treat them like royalty. This is one of the reasons I and the club, will only buy real estate from Pam at Uinta Realty here in Evanston, and not from anyone else. Why is it important to make a member of the Knytes happy? Make one of us happy, there's 49,999 other members that will be loyal to your firm. Make one of us upset and don't do what you promise? Say good bye to the same 49,999 other potential clients, plus their families, wives, kids, grandparents etc. 
On the medical frits today, and concerned about one of our Nomad members Rick, who is going into the hospital for knee surgery Thursday, lets all say our prayers for him.
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