Thursday, May 5, 2016

I love dependability and consistency , on air, at the shop and certainly in new hires and those I deal with

I love LOUVE dependability, and consistency in all I get involved with and especially new hires outside of the club, and absolutely for our radio operation here.
When I log onto I can see 23 individual shows we have aired. I can click on any of them and groove on the tunes and the news. And for the most part 100% uptime. Oh there are times there's a glitch , but in the 4 plus years we've been running on there's always a show there, and here in about 2 hours I go there on there live. What you see and hear there, is me and what is coming out of the Wolf's Lair here. It never fails. But I'm amazed at why others don't use this service. Of all the many, was the easiest to get involved on, set up and run, you go there, download their procaster NOT the Producer the Procaster. After you set up an account, and fill out the page of how you want it to work, look and so on. In about 5 hours from then all you need do is log on, through the Procaster, and your online on the air. BOOM. Best of all on the low count stream, its free. So I get home here and see a mention of a thing called CVSRADIO1 so I went there to check it out. Tons of filler ads, and the thing didn't work. Same thing when I logged on to a thing that our sweet heart Tracey Duke at the eastern Boars Nest turned me onto. Again went for about half way into a rerun of the Dukes and stopped, in fact froze my computer. Yet I can still go to log onto my shows or any of them on there and they play flawlessly. Same thing goes for my shop. Anytime I need to or have a customer, I can go to my shop, open the door and there's LexiBelle, and my stuff right where I put it, but its dependable. Wish our new hires outside of club members were that way. Like my pal and club member Nate. I know if I have a problem and I truly need help on a service job or something I can depend on Nate to deliver. Same way with our go to lady for real estate I know I can depend on Pam, to deliver. But our newest Intern person, too bad she can't or wouldn't deliver. Guess you learn. The thing I wonder about though and maybe there's something to this; Yesterday all things were going good until I got to the Legal. There Andrea and I were, intaking brew and me drueling over Lexi there. Seemed that after it was like I jilted a lover or something. Shit, was this new intern pining after me or something? To which I answer this, this way and both by the way are already hitched or near there, there's only two women in this town that I would even consider getting chummy with and only two. Charlie at Jody's Diner, and of course Lexi. Past that none, and I mean none interest me, beyond being on air or on a TV ad for the club, shop and/or HazzardAyre Radio. I'm just not into sharing my personal life with anyone. Too much pain. Now having said that, there are two others that don't live here or hardly near here that could get my heart. One lives near Jerome Idaho, that's Erin, our Miss Nurse GoodBody, and a gal that used to live near me in Gooding named Mirinda. Who btw is one of a select few women, that is a voting , patched members of the Knytes. The other two is Emme who was for a short time our on air sex talk thearapist, and of course Erin. Beyond that women are just not nominated, nor pledged to be a member of the club. It's just not done. 
Yes I love dependability, and btw there is nobody else like members of the Knytes/AyreWolvez, and certainly , nothing else is I repeat NOTHING like HAZZARDAYRE. Stay tuned HazzardAyre Radio is about to start, tune in at :