Monday, May 2, 2016

For Beaver Dick and all our Hecklers. Want to really support the UCSA? contribute serious money, not just follow or not just lip service

To the jerk from somewhere here in Evansgone Wyoming, that loves to heckle me on one of our online radio sites, and to quite a few others that love to turn up their noses at me and the club. I'd like to see YOU put in the hours, researching music, producing programming, selling advertising, and all the rest that goes into producing our shows, and maintaining our radio network, that I do, and do it all not for one red penny. I don't make a single copper piece for doing what I do on HazzardAyre, RodeWolfFM and the others, not nothing except the compliments I get from those that love what I'm doing for the honor and liberty of our Dixie. Not one thing more and nothing less. Yet you'll get some dirt faced, Northern Yankee that has to throw mud in my face. Hey instead of bitching, why not drive out here to the Wolf's Lair, and put in a few hours on air, or how about YOU going up to the transmitter site at 3:00AM in the bitter cold, and 40 mph winds. Let's see you go out and sell the air time, or battle with our network hub in NYC, then you'll have a right to say I'm not dedicated, and that I'm lazy, but until then, shut the hell up. This relates to my main topic here. I looked at the UCSA's Facebook Page, as well as the groups. We have 600 people saying they support us, but do you really? If you love something, you sacrifice and forgo, a pleasure or a night out, or a pack or two of smokes, a week and put it in a money order or a check, and support the cause. I think its great that people look at the pics, and read the articles, fine educate yourself on the real situation of the Confederate cause and our modern confederacy , but the way you really show support, put you money where your computer keyboard is. I'm tired of all the lip, or keyboard service, I want to see contributions going into the Knytes' cash stash so we can produce video to send to such media outlets like FoX News Channel, to such great people like Beth Ann doing her service in airing CSC Talk Radio, So we can not only advertise there but in major news publications, such as the Washington Post, New York Times, and on MSNBC, CNN , and other such. As well as to support such efforts as Dixie Broadcasting . com, as well as HazzardAyre and RodeWolfFM, on the list goes on , but I think you get the idea. It's great YOU say you support us and our efforts, now show it, put some cash in our stash so we can truly stand our ground. The liberty you help to protect, might just be your own.
HazzardAyre will be on air this afternoon starting at 4:00PM.