Sunday, May 22, 2016

I'm always reminded this isn't Metro Utah, or even western Idaho that's why I do my radio thing overnight

Seems much of the time, I get a raised eyebrow as to why I do this cyber radio thing overnight. The easiest answer is, overnight at least Sunday into Monday, as well as most days of the week, the locals here are in bed, and OFFLINE, so my bandwidth and uplink speed increases overnight. I'm always reminded when it comes to these things as well as the limited number of channels on our local cable system, that this damn well ain't Metro Utah nor even western Idaho. Try as you might your not going to get an upload speed over 4mbps and I'm lucky if I touch the threshold of 3.20 mbps up. Most of the time though and its consistent, I get download speed at 100mbps. Makes one wonder if I can go down fast why AllWest here, could get me an upload of near 20mbps, or at least symetrical . When we refired in Woods Cross Utah just prior to me stupidly moving here in 2014, I was getting 60mbps, up, 150mbps down. That was over coax too, so why can't that be here, then we as a radio service albeit on line, but we could be on the air 24/7/365. As it is I'm lucky if I can do 5 hours overnight. Which explains the inability for us as a company to earn money fast enough to pay our bill to AllWest. It's like telling someone to remove and replace a Cat diesel in a big rig truck with pliers and a screw driver. It just don't work. However I must say that Mindy Broadhead down in Kamas Utah at AllWest is another one of those super troopers, that has kept us online some months when the green was too lean.
Okay then, mentioned this earlier and no its not involving my fetish either. Thing is two of our brothers In the 214 who are also Knytes' and AyreWolvez members, wants a full sized quilt, made out of well feminin scented pantyhose. I guess , I'm not the only guy that digs these on women. Any flyte, these two members of the WolfPack currently deployed in the Med, could we help do this. Guess these two Wolvez want to be able to smell a lady when they cover their crainiums at night. So being as we are champions of the weird and strange things, we are going to attempt to make this happen. Being as most of us are wrenches not seamstress's our Ladies-of--The Knytes which is our womens auxilliary unit will do the construction of the quilts. Thing is because of the extreme delicacy of nylons they tend to destroy themselves, so supply on our end is a bit limited. So we are reaching out to our friends, supporters and associates that happen to be lady's and asking if you have some throw away nylons or pantyhose that are not washed, and that you were just going to toss in the trash, instead, send them to us. Deets on where to send on the air in the early morning.
Finally; we killed one bar location, but are aiming our sites on another, that while a bit hefty, would suit us better. Not that the old Hornets Nest was bad , but the location would make it really difficult to cultivate employees as well as customers. This all hinges on the dedication of a prospect named Mo. If she pans out and delivers what she says then we are in gear here. If not, September 1st , the Knytes and the WolfPack are headed home to Idaho.
Now if we could just get more oomph on our Internet. Hey Phil, at AllWest, see what you and Mindy can do about that will ya?