Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Secret to Our success? It's called Hazzard County tenacity and Enginuity

You might not have really liked him, but the bottom line is Boss Hogg always kept trying. Even dealing with bafoons that challenged his efforts and patience he still went after his goals and objectives no matter what. 
Since we're on that line of thinking here Understand while the objectives of the Knytes as well as the AyreWolvez are not directly against the law, our methods sometimes are just a side step over the line of what is accepted and what is totally off center of accepted procedure. As such we as a club are always targeted as the EVIL of the community , while in reality we are more the fight the system anti-establishment crew. Be that as it may, our attitude is to never quit. While our goals and agendas might be hard for outsiders to grasp, although there are many that wish they had the conoles to do what we do, still even with that, sure we might get stumped, sure we might to regroup, rethink, and re-engineer, but we never give up. On the front of my dear sweet LexiBelle, on a license plate frame it reads, " It Happens in Hazzard County" The line comes from a Dukes episode where the tale of A Christmas story was told Hazzard Style. At the end of the episode, as a reindeer flew over with the bells jingling, Waylon said, " Hey , don't laugh, if it could happen anywhere it will happen in Hazzard County" That tag has been one of the core teachings and sayings of the Knytes since the club was formed in 1982. Many people always call our club a MC or Motorcycle Club, but that is so far from the core of our organization. The Knytes are based on a split of a rural hot rodders gearhead group and a Dukes-of-Hazzard fan club. Our original meeting was held in mid 1981 at a small hamburger place that just so happened to serve food from Poland . Hence the name at the time , the Polish Palace, now known as the Snake River Grill. 15 rural motornuts and gear heads got together, and decided to put together a little club, to enable to stage our own custom shows as well as be of service to the communities we were in. Supervized by the United American Independent Truckers Association, the group was formed. The name of the club then was known as the Hazzard County Knytes Kustmz Association . Hazzard County for Dukes-of-Hazzard and Knytes taken from a hit movie at the time called the Hollywood Knights
One of the better of the nostalgia films at the time far exceeding the box office revenue of American Graffitti . The Hollywood Knights was something we as a club or group could identify with. Because we accepted rides and all of all kinds, from muscle cars to bikes, to restored John Deere classic tractors, to long haul big rig and medium sized trucks, we grew, and grew. For us then at the Real Hazzard County Garage, the Knytes were a no thinking brainer. We support the club, the club supports the shop. The first economic collapse hit in 1989, and the club needed to make green, so we started muling weed and shine. Until one of our members got caught with the weed, the club looked for ways to be legit, although we still ran shine. When the grand Times News give us the thumbs down, and NO or very few media outlets both radio and TV said not on our station, the club said, BS. We'll do up our own station. That started in May of 1983. Two months after my Mom passed away. Although Dixie Diesel, and Long Haul Trucker radio had been our clubs project going back to 1975, through the Knytes the original KTOW or Kay-Tow(e) signed on the air. We ushered in every kind of syndicated show we could find from TalkNet a program hatched by NBC Radio to Dr. Ruth, another NBC syndicated radio show. Thought became instead of just one mini radio station in Hazzard aka Hagerman Idaho, why not a bunch of mini stations tied together by microwave link. From Emmett Idaho to Blackfoot Idaho from Bancroft Idaho to Montpelier, Idaho from northwestern Utah, back to Hazzard Idaho There was Hazzard County Radio/KTOW FM&AM . The crux of all that? No matter who or where we were told no, we held up our middle finger and said BS, we're going to do it anyway, our way. When we were told that the only way you could get hot female flesh to pose with a hot rod, of the club, or a members ride was to hire models from California, we again said no. Surly we can recruit sweet hiney from our local communities. Back in the mid 1980's to mid 1990's that wasn't such a hard thing to do, but then we all heard about the goofballs that would go into medium sized and small towns pick up on young girls promising modeling careers and then going out and whacking them. This has been a real problem for us because we don't look like the usual , whatever that look is, but we're not the limo riding talent scouts, our suits are coveralls and patched vests(cuts) and when you begin to recruit honeys in a medium sized town your going to get the resistance of the local male bodies in town. Not my girl friend, wife, daughter etc. Even though our career opening is as real and legit, maybe more so than the so called area agencies, still if your not sporting a dress three piece suit, in a ride that's owned by the bank, and spending wads of cash, your looked on as sinister at the very least. But we still keep trying. And eventually we do get there, even if we do end up having to import talent from California. 
On our bar, and a recent event is an example . Friday night, our sweet associate gal-pal, Pam says they're having a 50's party at the Legal. Okay, I punched up the request to Pam can we come to this? Pam's response? Sold out. True meaning? You might be a bit to aggressive for the crowd attending so its safer that you don't come over. At our place , there would be no, tickets sold out or excuse for someone not to attend, no matter how you looked. Or dressed or what you drove. What turned the idea of the Reaper/Boars Nest to go forward, is that old bar and go juice station, will be opened strictly for the club. As both a bikers/ gearhead bar & Grill. Outside of the very few open public events the place will be open to club members and friends of members only , and only on weekends. 
Bottom line we in the club, don't give up. The secret to our Success and all, is simple; its called Hazzard County Tenacity and Hazzard County Enginuity.