Friday, May 20, 2016

So the Club now owns a bar , So now What?

So the Club Now owns a bar, so Now what? At 13:00 hours this day, I for the behalf of the Knytes, signed a purchase agreement for a podunk bar that will soon become The Boars Nest/Reaper Club. Question is so now what? If we can't even get people to go on air and play in the sand box together peacefully, how the hell are we going to run a up tempo bar and grill , just outside of city limits? 
Okay then , finally Mo came over to visit, and I think that has a promise, but the lady computer geek, isn't yet ready to jump in the pond just yet. Must be that I don't wear a suit and tie, and pre programmed ideas of what a media chief should look like. Just what the hell do they think that a radio station owner looks like? Not everybody behind a mic is in a suit and tie. 
The sale will proceed on the bar, but the question of just how open it will be to the public is not so clear. More than likely, the Reaper will be open to club members and supporters only and anyone else being allowed in, will be by invitation only.
My crainium is a bit better today, took a box of Goody's in the past 24 hours, and while I may be killing my liver, at least my head feels a bit better.
Like I said, Mo came over, she seems nice and all, but I'm not so sure she's the southern lady rebel type we're looking for, and maybe that too is one of those things that we went after here in Evanston, but could not complete due to a way too much of head in the sand, lets not do this here attitude. 
President Rick is on his way back , left Chyenne at 13:00 so should be sliding in here soon.