Saturday, May 21, 2016

Lack of progress makes wheels stop

I knew the news of a probable withdrawl of the buy of the property that could be the Boars Nest/Reaper Club , would get Pam's attention. As far as Pam is concerned she is a super trooper. It's the town more like the village we live in. To get a proper view here. The entire reason that I pulled the plug from the radio op's central HQ in Woods Cross Utah, with near 1gig Internet broadband speed and bandwidth, was to relocate same to Evanston Wyoming. I was blinded by a sense that with near 8% unemployment here, that it'd be a no brainer to find, recruit, train and employ and deploy, a satisfactory amount of both good looking as well as able lady eye candy to run the radio station operation. The idea was move that here, get somebody to run it, then me move back home to Hazzard Idaho. Set up the main HQ in Buhl, and go from there. Of course that was in the threshold of 2014/15. There was no idea then , to do a bar, nor me set up shop. But then came last year this month, a friend of my property managers husband said if I could find a suitable place close in to town he'd go in half. That of course, fell through. Then Joey came into the game, he flew the coupe in July, Then Nathen, in August and then of course came in little Rick, here that wormed its way until March. By the time we got the truck here and constant delays of refurbishing LexiBelle, the winter tow season was over. Nobody was willing outside of us was willing to come over and help do the heavy lifting. All through the time frame, the radio op, was number 1 on the priority list. Seems as though there is an hidden only seen by women on the outside of the Wolf's Lair, that says girls don't go in there. So that on air, ad sales and so on people never came much less called to inquire., I was in the idea just in March after the disintegration of Shelly and my relationship, to just pull the plug and get me and my WolfPack out of here. All through this, things like the Evanston Small Business Network, Chamber-of-Commerce and so on never called, never came over, didn't do anything. Now when it comes to a bikers/gearhead themed bar-grill, our first idea was the old Lotty's here. Yes where Tammy worked.(Wish she was still here) so I talked to this one gal who worked at Smokers Friendly, a smoke shop here, who sent over her teen daughter. Not something I felt comfortable with. But all I ever heard of and saw a cheer about was a damn bar, yet, the cry was out there for a resident radio station. After months and millions of phone calls we got a license. Not the old KEVA's but one of our own, with the suspension of that other license due to none air violations. That was doable just on my own since that whole thing only took $2,000.00 . Yet still no one was willing to train to be on air talent more over ladies to be on air talent. Nor ad sales, nor a resident engineer. Hell we couldn't even get an article about the club, nor the station in the local news rag. 
So where does that leave us? The observations of our Prezz, last night and mid week, when he came through, was , where is the babes on the station? Have we got a place for the station that's not in the Wolf's Lair? Have we got ladies that are able and willing to be on TV ads? Finally is there enough true eye candy to work the bar, not half sized gorillas in jeans about ready to split open. If I can get enough of that assembled here at the Lair, and a place for the station, Rick said on the phone that he'd table the meeting for Sunday, Tomarrow night, until next Sunday. In essence whether it be through Pam or whomever I can get not just cover, but committed ladies here in the Lair, by Sunday afternoon, so I can honestly say that through Pam, that we recruited people for our station and all, then there is a smidge of a chance to save this bar buy. If we can cement in the location out of the Lair for the station, then we are in gear. If not , the clubs legal eagles are primed for battle. I might remind many, that last week, I told Pam, that the club was already bracing for and was ready to say no to the whole thing of this bar deal. 
If I had been able to entertain Rick, a bit when he was here, plus showed him a running radio station, with eye candy doing the on air duties, the attitude of Rick would have been much better. It would have been an easier sell, but with things not any better than the last time Rick was here, last June, Rick is of the idea, of moving the Reaper to Montpelier Idaho, as well as the place in Bliss. 
On a personal note, With this radio thing and all and my personal financial loss's , I'm about to loose my shop. If that happens, you can bet your next tank of diesel, that my but will be in motion to relocation to Hazzard , faster than Boss Hogg eating maple bars. 
Will be on air at 07:00AM