Monday, May 16, 2016

Your content is not yours its that of the social networks you place it on, and oh why did I even wake up this afternoon?

So you've just written the best blog post or commented on a subject on a topic you feel passionate about on a social network like Blogger or Facebook. Now your getting edited. Did you ever stop and read the TOS or Terms-of-Service you agreed to? 
Facebook is under fire for supposedly being biased in relation to the election amongst other things. The reality, Facebook is the property of Mark Zuckerburg and he can belch and bark about all he wants on his network all he wants to, why? It's HIS network. Same goes for Blogger, sure Google's network fuzz don't stick their nose in your blogs often, nor do they tell you always upfront if their stopping operational support on a piece of Chrome their browzer navigation platform. Like Google is kicking in the head, Adobe's Flash program, which means if you want to hear your fave podcast, best be retaining a browzer like Internet Explorer. But the end game here is this, its their product, its part of the subject to change without notice clause, that's in your TOS. 
The so called web, is ripping itself up internally. Sure its great and we here at HazzardAyre Radio depend on it, to get you the none Mountain west resident listener the content you want to hear from us, as we are on air or over the air here as well. That being said these mammoth companies can do what they want to, its like the question of why does the male canine lick his balls? Because he can, they are his and he can lick them if he wants to. 
Okay then, after a long night on air, I was expecting a gal, here to aid in the creation of our website, for the club, station and so on. She was to be here at 14:00 (2:00PM) guess what? Yep calls says she's got another immediate paying gig. No problem, But here's the rub, I get to thinking and I've said this many times, I ought to just have a tattoo on my forehead that simply says Predator . Now there is and has never been anything transpiring here at the Wolf's Lair that was inappropriate . Yet it seems that every time its a woman involved in a consultation on anything involving the Club, or me, none want to be by themselves in tight quarters, with this old Wolf. Trust me Red Riding Hoods, this big old Wolf will not eat you. 
For all the feminists and feminist attitudes out there that gripe about equal pay for equal work, here's a suggestion; If you want to make equal pay as us male corpuscles, take the same equal risks we males take. If its business, go to the business appointment at the clients place of business, even if that clients place of business just happens to be in that clients home. The reasons we still are here inside the Wolf's Lair, is that I haven't been able to find a place that's reasonable in costs as I do here at the Wolf's Lair. We had one on the fifth floor, of the Wells Fargo building here, the $300.00 a month was amiable , but the $500.00 to put up a small tower and Yagi on top of the structure was a bit much. But looking back, should have taken it. As the guy at the Green Horn has been toying with us, which we scrubbed due to very poor follow through. 
Which culminates to , are we really in the right place to do this? That question comes up often, are we trying to force feed something into a village that cannot eat any more, and is about to choke? The end of June is the crowning. If we are not moving forward by then, its radio op moving to Idaho, and eventually me. But I wonder, Why did I wake up this afternoon?