Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mixed emotions from yesterday and a more important reason there needs to be HazzardAyre Radio.

Yesterday as I stood at the rear of the Evanston Wyoming old Union Pacific Railroad Roundhouse, and had to utter the song Star Spangled Banner, I had to force myself to sing. Then came the point to say the Pledge of Allegence I was doing so with a swollen tounge. My hear just was not in it. While I wore the uniform and proudly so of our nations Marine Corps, my blood runs Confederate Gray, so thick, that it takes nurses several trys to to extract it for study. I wanted to smack the guy reading the history of the holiday, that is so called Memorial Day. The thought that the day of rememberance was built by a Yankee is just that Yankee bs. Then I read with some utter discust that now them damn idioted bigots, and racists, racist against us the Confederates and southern people, that now in so called Government funded, and as they say controlled grave yards, that now one can't have placed on, or about our places of final rest a Confederate Flag. I then heard Beth Ann's CSC Talk Radio show about the Union stripping away our southern culture, and all. She was on one and I thank her for saying the exact same things , I have been saying for some 25 years or more. It's just now getting worse. What it gets down to is this, we are on a slippery road down to Communism, and all becoming Slaves to the Government. If Paul Ryan, has his way, we will watch the TV that the Government dictates we watch, Radio Free Europe, will become Radio Free America, since no radio or media will be silenced and we'll hear what them politicians say we are to hear and listen to. We will eat what they say we must eat, hell they'll get so damn power hungry, that the Government will issue a wife for each male in this nation, not caring if its a woman wife or man wife. They'll tell you where to sleep, when to sleep, even when and where you go poop, and demand you use their brand and style of asswipe. 
When the DC Occupiers, are given any more power, when THEY say, you can't fly and be loyal to the flag of YOUR choice, what other freedoms and liberties will you retain? If and I think there is, time. Lets get a candidate for and of the United Confederate States Party. Lets stand up for our southern heritage, history, and our southern future. Several Facebook pages come up asking about seperation from the union. Asking how many would support that, my question also asks, are you willing to die, be jailed, and give up not only your time, but property and any money, to fight for today's Confederacy? I will and so will 100% of the Knytes-of-Dixie, question , will you. Will you shoot, and take up arms to defend Dixie? Could you point a rifle or pistol at another American who said he was against Dixie, and pull the trigger? Even if he was a fellow church member, Bishop, or some other? I will with a smile on my face, because once they silence Dixie, they kill America, and that USMC Uniform I wore still stands, for standing up for this nation, and defending Dixie as well. 
One of the reasons, HazzardAyre Radio was built is to give today's Confederacy a voice, not only teaching the real history and preservation of our Southern heritage, but to make sure our children and children's children have a southern future. The militia of Today's Confederacy is the Knytes-of-Dixie.