Monday, June 6, 2016

People hate it when you tell the truth and are completely honest

There is a strange epidemic going on on our shores of America, plus that of in our small towns. From school teachers to politicians, to city and even business leaders. That epidemic is called out right lieing to just shadowing the truth, yet not completely saying like it is. 
In certain circumstances such not saying really a lady loos like when she asks the question , " Do I look fat in this, does my butt look big in these jeans?" yet when you get scrubbed of information that YOU should know, be it the history of the war of Northern invasion, to telling people what their local news and other information outlets usually controlled by sponsors and stockholders, YOU are usually kept from the truth. Even those popups on Facebook, of pages that are supposed to keep you informed or report the news that is obscure, and anti-establishment, even though their monikers say so, even they are dictated to by supporters, advertisers, and in todays sociatal environment all too many are worried about money, or loosing it. Oh don't say this, never say that, yet they do bark a lot. Then you find its only being truthful when its politically convenient . Like all these double talking idiots running for President, they're all guilty of something. Somewhere they stubbed their toe, and now they are belching they are the one to lead America. And yet none of them except Hilary Clinton, has any experience in foreign policy. Donald Trump is the so called the champion right now, because he brought a new box of candy to the table. In reality, he's a billionare with just a smidge of government knowledge but little experience. While there might be a mess of bad things she's done, I still think with the bunch of crooks running, having someone in the White House with a little prior knowledge is better than sending a bunch rookies into battle with pocket knives rather than cannons. 
HazzardAyre Radio and all its channels on and Spreaker is undergoing a bunch of tech and environmental redoux's in essence cosmetically and will be back on full time come the 1st or so of July. I mention that, because both our radio shows, as well as this blog and the few connected to it, are the only absolute truth in and of both society and governmental information, and we are not kneeling down and kissing the butts or sucking penus of anybody. Speaking of which, dig this 3 times, I reposted this blog, to My Bishop, as well as Mr. Wellings of my desire to have a sit down. Know what? It's Monday, and yet no response one way or another. Maybe it is a good idea, that I go through the steps to get excommunicated, from the Church . 
Yesterday I was working on LexiBelle at the shop, nearly got one piece to finish one part of the rewire, that has been needed, when I fell under LexiBelle, and fractured a rib. So all bundled up in a thing that feels like an undersized bra, and pain killers I spent most of the day home. 
I'll see ya'll on Samcro Radio starting at - 07:00.