Sunday, June 12, 2016

The difference between being interested in a younger lady for professional reasons, and not personal ones.

Today I had the best experience I have had at Church than I have had in many times I have went. I really felt included and part of the Ward rather than just a sit on the fence spectator. Yes it was better as my two wingmen were there, Dave and Vern, althought I think Dave's wife thinks I might be a bad influence on Dave. But Dave brings out a lot of solid footing for me to be able to ask questions about Church topics and lesson questions. Or if I don't completely understand something, in Sunday school, I can ask a question, and not feel like an idiot, or at least made to feel that way.
Today Vern had to conduct the music, and singing, and although he missed a few strokes on two hymns still he did a great job. Then after taking sacrament came the talks. So Hutch's daughter had came home from her mission from Florida, and I expected a boring, drawn out monotone speech, but it was quite the opposite. This young lady captivated me and my mind that I could picture the backgrounds of the scenes her words were painting. There were no complete melt downs or teary eyed sessions, sure she got a bit weepy, but not falling apart and gushing out tears like a Rainbird Sprinkler head in the middle of a hay field. Sure Hutch's daughter is very easy on the eyes, and in someone much younger than I she could melt hearts, but the way she delivered her talk was such, that I just had to compliment her, and suggest she get in touch with me on the grounds of doing voiceovers and on air work here on HazzardAyre Radio. And why not? Having a younger voice, beit female of the Church, and all and being a partly opposing view than mine as well as someone I can bounce topics off of, would be the uplift that HazzardAyre could use. Then of course, Dave tried to remind me of finances. Which I keep trying to explain, that my finances and the finances that support HazzardAyre, that being the Knytes are two different animals. There are certain, things that a man has to bare on his own or he ain't much of a man. Just because I'm going through a tough time money wise, and paying a bunch of bills, is my load I have to lift on my own. Sure I could go the the Club, ask for money get bailed out and after several years of paying the Club, break even. But I'm not going to do that. On the other lane of this same road of thought. The Club is doing better this year financially than it has in two prior years. As a family of organizations overseen by both the Knytes itself and the UAITA , we cleared just under $341,million, in the cash stash. 
Two years ago now, I sat in a office space in Woods Cross Utah, of I4 Solutions. Needing to find suitable housing for myself and all, I was bent on going to Tooele Utah. But a voice said to me and it was a smack me up the head prompting to sniff around here in Evanston. So I did. Now yes over many months I have trash talked and cussed out this little town, and yes even Dave agrees that it'd be easier to do this radio thing in Pocatello or surrounding area as the human resources are more plentiful there. However nothing that comes easy is worth anything. I don't want to move away and look back in two or three years thinking, could've , should've, stayed put and fought the forces of evil that exist here, and have a true blue super radio station here in Evanston, that can serve everyone from Garden City Utah to Fort Bridger Wyoming. 
When I look at a young lady like Hutch's daughter, its not with hungry eyes thinking evil thoughts. It's more on the foundation, of get her on air, that gives her a marketable job or career skill, and advances the cause of HazzardAyre Radio. 
See ya'll on the air(hopefully) on at 11:00 PM.