Thursday, June 9, 2016

Again I say, Google searches are near useless, and it seems no one has a fucking idea of what I'm asking.

As I get ready to turn in and catch some snooze time after a great night on air on Spreaker, that you can now catch on YouTube, I had the frustrating experience of trying to look something up on Google Search. What I was looking for and have no idea where to go with the malady, is that my left titty gets spasms when I get a bit stressed or my adrenlen increase or eases off. So I tried to find anything so I could discuss same with my doctor here. Guess what? Yep, not one damn thing on the subject. Oh yes I got directed to several WebMd sites, and most of the discussion was more directed towards women, but what about men. Outside of the obvious, men and women share a lot more than many think. Men like women have a placenta , we can carry a baby to term inside us, we can produce albeit small amounts, but can produce breast milk, so what makes the idiotic, idiots employed by the so called search and find systems, not include this kind of information? For many years, medical science never acknowledged the fact that us male corpuscles have such things as monthly periods, hormone peaks and lows, water wait gain, as well as menopause . We experience the same cramps, penial discharge similar to vaginal discharge, the list goes on. So why is it that such a thing as a man having possibly breast cancer, and give some real information, rather than giving you a site with a list of more web sites that just might have an answer? While I understand getting into personal and individual, conditions may be difficult, still an overall explaination here or things to look over might be a good thing. Not to go all Martha Stewart on ya'll but it would be a Good Thing. 
Okay then second half here.
Nylon stockings especially Pantyhose, themselves have more than one use. While we all know the damn things are the original shapewear still, there are other things the slinky thin socks can be used for. Example, the Grant steering wheel, especially the GT series, is made with a serious flaw, in inclimate weather the things damn near destroy themselves in your hand when wet or damp. Solution? Take a pair of pantyhose, stretch the panty over the steering wheel, with just enough overlap to join together with sewing thread or as I do electrical tape. Once measured very carefully cut the legs and panty away leaving only that , that you need to cover the steering wheel. Then secure it with sewing thread, or electrical tape. The groovy part is that pantyhose comes in all kinds of colors and thickness that you can really personalize your interior. If it so happens that the smell of your favorite lady is still in them, you get to play grabass all the time your driving and no one is the wiser.
As for the legs or stockings, I keep a pair or two in my emergency tool box. If you've ever experienced that hour that you break a fan or serpintine belt long ways from town, You can tie a pair of nylon stockings together tight over your drive pullys and at least get home, or to town to effect permanate repairs. Nylons make make great pain strainers over your none gravity paint guns, shines chrome better than any cloth, and for us toewers , if you need a steering tiedown for older vehicles, a nylon stocking works terriffic . I've even used them for temp tierod when I've snapped one. 
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