Saturday, June 11, 2016

You can't do your duty to the Church if they don't come fetch ya

So after 3 hours of doing one of my shows and praying it would upload to which it didn't. Which means I have to redo the entire show, thank goodness for tape, and old skool methods, you'd think that with such an easy system like Spreaker biting at Livestream's heels, that Livestream would do a better job of maintaining their system. Course maybe Spreaker, might have started to knaw at their legs so much that Livestream, might end up becoming an equipment seller, reseller, rather than the overpriced streaming service it is. So there I am waiting on Elder Dean to show up to give me a lift so I could help clean the Church in exchange for the Church helping with my rent here. Which I wouldn't have had to do, had I not had to rake out $300.00 to Chad's here to remove and replace the rear main seal. Still owe $140.00 on that, which I can take care of as soon as the better half's money gets here. 
Yet no Elder Dean, no could go, as I am sniffing on fumes in the General JaXson, again until the better half's money for the Knytes gets here. Why does she need to pay back the club? Simple while she was here, she racked up quite a few bills, in excess of $4k, so the club paid those off, and now in the loyalty department of the Club, she needs to pay back the club. Loyalty and Honor to club are two of the top things to being a member of the Knytes. In my side to be true to that loyalty I can't do much for my lady or have much involvement with her, until she satisfies the Knytes. 
I know my Bishop is going to be tweaked in the morning, but I did as he told me to, I called Elder Dean, asked him to come fetch me so I could honor my duty to the ward in doing some cleaning of the building we meet in. No return phone call, and Elder Dean didn't stop by. I asked the Bishop the other night to put some go fluid in the General, so I could get there this morning, and to Church in the morning. He instructed me to arrange things with Elder Dean, I attempted, no contact, so since I haven't seen my bed, I'm headed there now so I can get on the air this evening. On: