Sunday, June 26, 2016

Good show overnight and I wish I could find Beaver Prick so I could put a slug up his butt

Had a great show overnight and it was overall quality , hey we're getting there. Its a full rebuild since the we unplugged in Twin Falls in 2013, more over the shut down in 2008 we are still building. But it is progressing. Now then Beaver Prick my heckler and overall asshole pest, had to bring up some minor corrections. First as I reported last night and this much is real, I promised the organization, that I would stop doing otr radio, when I pulled the keys out of LexiBelle. So in all honesty, sure, LexiBelle is undergoing a full rebuild, which is why I'm on air more than chewing up pavement, but its getting there, and LexiBelle damn well, can kick the ass of any truck her size. Plus outpull, out toew and damn well get the job done better than any other truck her size. Considering LexiBelle, has 1,600,000 miles on her, and has weathered many a cold , wet and shitty climates, she's not doing bad. As far as trailer trucking, sure I'm not rolling 18 wheels any more, but I'm still hot shot trucking any time I get a haul. Truck might be smaller, but its still trucking. The thing is Beaver Prick has yet to come out to the shop, to the station, or meet me in public anywhere. My only suspicion that he bitches so much is that some squeeze of his applied for an opening here at HazzardAyre Radio, and either bailed because she was some sort of bible thumper, or was too damn fugdugly that I got too sick to look at it for 6 hours on air. Or a combination of all the above. The piss ass's are like those up in MHI. They gave me a pain in my groin too. Funny as many times as there was supposed to be a knock down drag out , kill rumble they never showed up. To me I don't give a dog eared wipe, if I put a shell in someone and watch em bleed out. Killing humans is good sport. Relieves a mess of stress. And they wonder why some people blast a queer bar and take down a bunch of gays. Or any other humans. You can just get to the point that you don't care anymore. 
See ya'll L8R on at 14:00 Hours.