Monday, October 20, 2014

Scrub it their loss not ours.

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Just across from me out my back door rests Hill Air Force Base, just down the road sits a Air Guard Base, and the entire picture is what would seem to be military friendly.

Turn on the TV any given evening to watch the news, all the stations run with just a slight diversion , the same stories, and are hungry for ad dollars. Content is nearly identical. You don’t need to be favorite with one station as the rest will carry the same TV news , with nearly the same video.

The Television landscape is rapidly changing. No longer are you tethered to a set top box and a TV in your home. Streaming content, On Demand news as well as programming abounds all over. Can ANY TV station be so smug?

I got a reply from our former account rep at KTVX, who was saying something about us being slanderous. To which I replied, phooey, its not slander if it’s the truth.

Having us on eternal hold for 5 months and even the last two, since our ears and eyes perked up hearing METV would be running Black Sheep Squadron, we reached out again. Our former account guy said he’d assign the account to someone else. Great, so I get a call Thursday of him and a producer showing up today, to get things going.

No response, no nothing while I sat here waiting.

If KTVX wasn’t interested why did they keep us on hold, until today since June?

Since we could have had a few ads produced and running nationwide on METV the Network. But no.

Idaho had the same attitude, the constant barking from the mongrel pen, was buy local, keep your money local. Yet you try to do that and find no takers.

But we’re not just talking TV advertising here.

Got an email from Digis. Their belching was they can’t service us from this location. Bullsbreath. If they can’t hit the tower across the highway when I can see it out of my front window, then maybe they need to sell out to a REAL communications company. Thing is by Digis not even being willing to try it just cost them 250,000 customers nationwide. When you cut off the Knytes/AyreWolvez, you cut yourself off from the entire membership. Bet Digis doesn’t reach much into Idaho.

When it comes to firms in the Internet carriage business, few are of a level of SpeedConnect. When I signed up with them, albeit not always in gear, but I had at least 78% or better service, and if there was a problem it was cured the next day, all, by the way at $50.00 a month.

Then one has to look over the mountain. Over in Kamas Utah sits a great company called AllWest. Who has the most up to date, great rate, and excellent customer service of any IP Carrier. From cable TV to Internet these people are top drawer, yet I can’t figure out why they don’t scale the Wasatch Mountains and come over into the Salt Lake Basin.

Imagine Comcast catching their rear ends if that happened.

Now I’m not saying everyone out at KTVX are jackass’s , nor any of the other TV/Radio stations. Heck once upon a time all broadcasters helped each other. Yet it seems just like my other vocation towing, once we all helped each other, today the fight for a bone is to slim that helping another is not always something one should count on.

So what’s the next step?

Go national.

More Wednesday.


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