Thursday, October 16, 2014

Isn’t it good the Knytes have stuck together?


Conceived in 1981 and made official in 1982 The Hazzard County Knytes(Knights) became the rulers, innovators and wrote the book on just what a specialty vehicle group founded on the idea that everyone, no matter their financial or abilities could build a rat rod, street cruiser , bike truck or as in my case toew truck, and have it be a custom.

Our shows were and are the ones that set a tone that few could and even today can match. We judged the rides in our shows on the basis of creativity, and effort , rather than detract for ultra minor imperfections such as a rock chip at the rocker panels or fenders.

The first Hazzard Nationals took place in Pioneer Park in Hazzard(Hagerman) Idaho in October 1984 as a benefit to a family that had just lost their home due to fire.

Since then the Hazzard Nationals, have moved from one location to another every year so that all charters members and fans could attend.

Of course even then few wanted to learn much less admit that the history being taught in schools in the Mountain West was a myth. The real title to the fiasco was called the War of Northern Aggression, not the Civil War, there was little Civility to it.

Few kids were taught and its that way much today, that Abraham Lincoln was in fact a liar, cheat, and womanizer, not the inspired all truthful leader that scholars have made him out to be.

It’s been the mission of the Hazzard County Knytes to teach these lessons. But since we do few media outlets in our area dared say anything about that, or allow us even paid ad or infomercial time. In 1986, even though we already had a radio network running, in 1986, the Hazzard County Knytes , High Council met in Boise Idaho at the Flying J Motel/Convention Center,(when it was still there) and decided we’d make Confederate aimed, Hazzard County Style radio and TV our number one objective.

Of course came in the honeys for money projects. Which was inspired by two sources, Overdrive Magazine’s DateMaster, and Truckin/Mini Truckin Magazine. With the idea that gals with rides could and can be classy, rather than trashy. Of course, getting that idea across to the modeling\agencies here as well as individual talent candidates is easier said than done.

Likewise when it comes to babes and bikes, the immediate idea is the EasyRiders style. Rather than a sensuous instead of showing too much female body, and not enough bike.

Through it all the Knytes although spread out over all 50 states, and now getting to both Hawaii and Alaska, at 1,000 members each can trace the origin of the creation of this club to a tiny café once called the Polish Palace, now known as the Snake River Grill.

In 2007 it was proposed throughout the club that a slight name alteration be made. While not unanimous was approved. With inspiration from Kurt Sutter and SOA, the Hazzard County Knytes changed to the Knytes-of-Anarchy, which enabled the club to elevate from a rural environment to a slightly urban environment.

Good economic conditions or poor, if its being done right, its being done by and through the Knytes-of-Anarchy, fighting for the individual, United through Independence.

With the disconnect of us to Comcast and its too expensive, not delivering what was promised. The thought is to reverse the whole idea of an HQ in the region of origination . Mainly keep this office here in Utah, as a sub office, but making Twin Falls our home HQ once again. With the help of Digis and SpeedConnect, the super pipeline that Comcast promised but could not give, there is no reason to keep the home HQ in Utah, there is nothing to gain except more funds being drained.

So there is that on the HUD(Heads-up-Display) having Antwanette Marie manage this office, with me only having to call or breeze down every once in awhile.

Sorry Laura, my dear, you and the club tried, but Comcast can’t deliver.

Now then, Antwanette , says I have to grow out a beard, so she can style it. Which is okay, but whiskers on my face makes my face itch.

The bottom line, rather than bring LexiBelle > lexi in green minidown here to me in Utah, I’m going to LexiBelle.


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