Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ever notice Geeks all look the same and where did the HE men go?

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Have you ever noticed that Poindexters/Geeks all look and act purtty much the same? If you see one out eating at say your fave A&W here, a guy with a notepad computer, using utensils to carve up a chili dog, and a paper cup with a plastic bag inner wrap to keep the drink pure, but not taking chances that the drink might touch the inside of the actual cup. Amazing. Oh sure such TV shows as Big Bang Theory attempted to make the idea of being a poindexter popular, but sadly , no matter what is done no great change.

Our new , new hire here at HazzardAyre, Antwanette Marie, suggested her begin to dress me. Of course she’s our little sister, here in the Knytes, but I got to thinking, of that little thing we used to tease some of the Geeks with, like your ugly and your mother dressed you funny. Now it might be that some might look at me and say, your good looking and did your intern dress you?

Struck down on two possible bases for a new Wolf’s Cave (home-domicile) came today. Apparently I’m too old of a Wolf for many of them, so did get a glimmer of light or two from Evanston Wyoming. Both while up there, price range, gets me more space for the same amount of money. More over an alternate Internet server.

Contacted Digis today, their dedicated service to us is right at the same as Comcast, but the monthly rate wont fluctuate plus they have a 99.9 % throughput. Not hampered by weather or other traffic online. So it might be that Comcast, once again dropped the ball and shot themselves in the foot.

Not saying anything against sweet Laura of Comcast that sold us the original package, but. Comcast has not provided the bandwidth that we require consistently nor constantly. It fluctuates too much, second not getting a paper bill in three months as requested and not knowing what we owed is another thing. How are you going to pay what you don’t know how much, and should I be the one to call them to find out? How many times do you have to say, SEND ME A PAPER BILL? Will they give me a week or two extra service for messing up? Probably not, but while hugging trees and saving a few by not using a paper invoice they want me to continue to be a loyal customer and cough up $1,000.00 or $788.00 just to stay with them.

It should be the other way around, they ought to own up to their mess up and just scrub the old bill and start over.

How many times does one have to say to them, hey I’m not responsible for this, it’s the club, The Knytes-of-Anarchy that is in charge and owner of the radio station/network. I only volunteer to work and manage it. On my end after they bitched about Cooter’s A1 Toewing for about the same bunch of crap, I went to the local Cricket Cell store got me a cell phone, and that was it. Besides, 90% of Cooter’s A1 Toewing moved back into Idaho, phooey after all the expenses there was not enough to make this work out right by the numbers no matter how we crunched them.

If Comcast wants to retain customers and keep them loyal especially business customers, they ought to honor their slogan built for business, not built for home consumers, but working on business.

5% of Cooter’s A1 Toewing will move to Evanston, Wyoming with the rest spread between Morgan and Coalville Utah, in AllWest Communications territory, not Comcast.

Nothing has changed here at HazzardAyre, but the only thing remaining in Metro Utah will be HazzardAyre Radio/TV , the rest moves to both Buhl Idaho, and Evanston Wyoming.

In summary, all the move to Utah did, was cost me a bunch of money, and a headache, only gains got my government money in my hands and a firm headquarters for HazzardAyre, and of course the gal with sweet toes in nylon hose Antwanette Marie for the ads for both the club and Cooter’s A1.

Keep it hookin,

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