Sunday, October 5, 2014

Some things you just got to do yourself


Some things one has just got to do for ones self. Just caught a email from ye ole Bishop from the Ward in Ogden.

He was ratchet jawing about something to do with worshiping and all on Sunday. Supposedly there was two of the Ward that stopped by yesterday, trouble is, I was still in Idaho. I didn’t get to Ogden until 19:00(7:00PM) then it was truck, grub at Sills and to the studio.

Thing is, I still worship my Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ. The condition of the Sabbath Day being on Sunday depend on ones interpretation of just what day the Sabbath day is.

As a Wolf-Pup, I went and believed it truly was Sunday, but had a preacher in Bliss Idaho in 2009 that got me to wondering is it Saturday or Sunday? As such I worship both days and do very little both days. I read my Bible every day, as I awaken, I read before I go to bed, and while I should have a B-O-M and D&C at home, I lost those in a move from Heyburn to Pocatello in 2006, and haven’t had enough scratch to buy another quad set.

Now the reply would be something like you have money for the office/studio, and radio gear etc. Not so, I pay for the office/studio only because I screwed the pooch (Flying jargon for missing a carrier) in both Evanston in 2005 and in Gooding in 2010. As such to keep this going I had to pay the rent while the club replaced the radio gear. As far as the gas to get to the studio, that I have to squeeze out every month. And that’s really stretching what funds I have. And they ain’t much.

While worshiping at home is not as grand as doing so in a chapel or meeting house, but I too feel the spirit at home and know that Jesus and the Holy Ghost is at my side every hour.

What might surprise the Bishop, is I have been rewriting the B-o-M taking out the Yea’s Yee’s and so on, all those ways of speaking while retaining the meaning and all that is the original writing. Maybe that’s my calling? The fact that I also preached at our River side services in Hazzard(Hagerman) last year, where it was come as you are, and worship, might also surprise those authorities. The Bible simply says, where More than one of you gather to worship me, there I be also. It does not necessarily mean that I need to haul my cookies to a meeting house. The fact of me being self conscience of how bad I smell from not being able to shower, due to no gas to run a water heater, something that both room mates were to have covered but didn’t even though they said they would. While I could recover that, I don’t see me in that dungeon of an apartment past this month or next at the very maximum.

Two things got accomplished here. The radio gig, got its home, and will remain where its at, I got my SSI money in my paws so I can control it, albeit very poorly since June, but I got it, meaning I’m not tethered to having to live if you want to call it that, in Ogden Utah. I’m just not that impressed. Had I gone with my gut feelings a year ago, the station and all would be where it’s at now, but I’d still be in Twin Falls driving and working for Charlie, where at least I felt part of a family. As far as Church there, sure I got a little help, from the River Christian Fellowship, but I went near every week. They made it a bit easier, if you missed the morning session, you could go at 6:00PM(18:00) and at least take the Lords supper, and get a lesson. But I was made welcome and loved, not having to feel like an outcast, except for the Bishop, and my home teacher.

If I want to mention all the things that the financial side of the Church owes me, it would take a longer blog than I care to write, more over I forgave the Church, even me going once. I wanted to be part of some gig that the Ward in Ogden threw one morning a breakfast. I still had a phone then, but did anyone remind me of it? No. But a church should not owe anyone anything, the gifts or assistance should be requested, done and it be over. Had the bank, not messed up my account, had Comcast not taken money out that I did not authorize, had a shyster not taken money out of the account, after finding my account information, and ripping me off, I’d have not went twice nor even be trying to hang on now and asking for one more time. Yes last month I thought it was it, but by the time I paid the bills that ex room mates were supposed to help pay, but didn’t there was nothing left over after the studio rent and my truck insurance.

It might just be time to call UNCLE and close the book on Ogden and just curl up here at the office until I can get a place in Idaho and or Wyoming.

Something will pop, just have to have faith in my Heavenly Father, he’ll take care of me.

Any mile, let you know about this next week.

I am nearly sure the Bishop/Ward wont help again on the rent, if they do again that’d be great, if not then chalk it up again.

There was a reason God made it snow in February every time I made moves to move to Ogden. He was telling me to not come down here, but I trusted in Dave my landlord, and oh yes Bishop I have the receipts you asked for. I trusted in a real estate con artist, and got the shaft both times. I forgive and forgave, I don’t forget.



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