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So what is up with this stinky toe stuff any way?

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To answer the question of what’s up with the stinky toe thing, one needs to go back to the origin of our radio gig as well as the club.

Back in 1976 as a young towing owner operator group, dedicated to more smaller one truck to 6 fleets and all, there was no on TV nor radio programs on , that dealt with us in towing. Sure there were trucker radio shows all across the nation from Dave Nemo’s RoadGang to the Midnight Cowboy show but nothing dedicated to towing.

The pronunciation of the word TOW from not in the business, was on the lines of rhyming with the word COW not TOE.

About 1978 I discovered the publication no defunct called Phoote(foot) Notes. And thought this would be a keen gig but what to call it, much worse the call letters of our station that would carry it.

The FCC , by this time had mandated either we get legal with a station license, shut down or go to the clink. We opted for getting legal. After much research we as a club called the TowBro’s then now ToewBro’s now, arrived at the call letters KTOW or KAY-TOW(Toe) FM 105.7. But few of the outside of the club on air talent could not pronounce the the word TOW as TOE, it was KAY-TOW(cow) as it went. Not to demean anybody, even legendary trucker radio super star Bill Mack of the Midnight Cowboy Show doing liners for us, pronounced it Kay-Tow(cow) instead of Kay TOW(toe).

So we took the words smunched them together and it became TOEW. That way there was no possible way to mistake that pronunciation .

By this time in evolution, I got LexiBelle>LEXI IN GREENOnce I had her, I tried hard to stumble on a company name for my going toewing experiences. It was on a June day walking up the road from the mailbox to the house, to the latrine with my latest issue of Overdrive Magazine, that I saw the name of my company there in. This was three years prior to stumbling on and running right into all things Hazzard County/DOH.

So the new gig from 6:00PM to midnight became Highway Hooker Radio. Hooker being trucker cb talk for tow truck. Of course overnight we did Heavy Hooker Radio for those in the snagging big trucks and running long haul and heavy haul toews. Not only did the heavy toew bro’s get into our show, but so did the freight haulers. After I discovered a rusted out Dodge Charger in Paul Idaho and rebuilt that into OUR General Lee, in the search for white vinyl go-go boots, which we found eventually from a waitress at the China Village Restaurant in Jerome Idaho. But Once we began and I dived head first and never recovered (don’t plan on doing so) from and all things Hazzard County / Dukes-of Hazzard , what would a overnight trucker radio show done Hazzard County style be like? After tons of names, it wasn’t until 1989 driving through Saint George Utah, and seeing a name of a company called Dixie Diesel service and towing there that I formulated the name the Dixie Diesel Shop, and subsequently Heavy Hooker Radio was rebadged as Dixie Diesel Radio, the seed that begat HazzardAyre.

All along however it’s been Highway Hooker Radio as still the foundation of HazzardAyre.

We are and have always been and continue to be the only show on TV or Radio for those who Toew(tow).

So what about this kissing toes thing in nylons?

In 1985 , in doing up ads for Dixie Towing(aka-Highway Hooker Towing) I saw this ad for a plumber in Boise. The ad went along the story of some well to do high society type gal on Boise’s snob hill, with a toilet that was on the frits. Here comes this plumber in a Tux T Shirt, unclogged the toilet and at the end of the ad was this gal sitting on a black marbled vanity with gold fixture faucet and all with the plumber kissing her hand with the end tag, we treat our customers with royalty.

Mind wandering I thought lets do a Daisy Duke lookalike out in her Jeep, broke down calls Cooter(me) on ye old CB , I respond take care of the Jeep, the Daisy Duke gal sitting on the side of the bed of LexiBelle, and I kiss her toes, with the tag We LuV Toews.

Now one would think this to be an easy thing, but nope.

Doing the stunt, with bare feet , especially toes, is stinky, sticky, sweaty. Not very pleasing, for a 3 hour shoot.

So the networks had mandated sweet Daisy to wear nylons on TV on the Dukes we followed suit. Besides, nylons over toes looks better and hides a bunch of inequities like hammer toes, bunions etc. And if scented well makes my part of the participation in shooting the ads easier to ingest. Considering it is her feet and all and despite beliefs that they don’t , even women’s feet and toes do smell foul.

Over the years, we have had several projects on the books regarding the thing of smooching feet especially toes, in nylons to enhance and emphasize the toe as tow as to be toew.

From setting the worlds record of just how long one man could kiss a woman’s toes in nylon hose, with LexiBelle in the background, to using as much of feet in nylons on our photo’s for Highway Hooker PhooteNotes to the header cover for the TV show Highway Hooker TV which will be shot here in Utah, and be on TruTV starting next fall right before South Beach Tow.

So that’s why I always look at, and try to get the full stinky experience of all new model new hires.

BTW: The couple that was show up this evening here? Never showed. Which is another part of the toew smooch thing. Anybody who shows up to a meet and greet, and is told of the toew smooch, that does not run away and never shows up again, is a good barometer of her anti establishment nature. In essence if a new lady model comes in can get her toes under my nose in nylon hose in the first or second audition, is the one that has the guts to do just about anything we ask within reason.

And that’s the Stinky Truth.


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