Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ready to file consumer complaint with the FCC concerning Comcast

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This wont hurt much if anyone, but the Knytes-of-Anarchy member message, is being put out. I urge all club members to send consumer complaints to the Federal Communications Commission, of the way they treat customers. If they at Comcast can’t do it good now, how are they going to serve a bigger client base, when and if the merge of Comcast and Time Warner Communications happens.

Maybe if the Feds look at this , filed by 50,000 members, our families, business’ and so on totaling right at 400,000 people, they might reconsider their allowing the merger to go through, as well make Comcast Cassie and who ever sit up and fix this over charge mess due to their screw up, of not being on the mark of sending me a paper bill, so we could pay the damn thing rather than wait until near 90 past. Maybe it’s time to make the giant look at the SMB’s and stand up and honor their commitment of Built For Business, rather than just using that as a slogan.


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