Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Plus to getting a job at HazzardAyre

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There are many and here recently even I have bee questioning the practice, but the process of illimination here of screening the female applicants

through who does show up, even on a first time interview meet and greet in nylons and a skirt, more over get her toes in those hose on my lips under my nose, is a good test.

The grounds of that are simple to understand, if a gal is liberated and rebel enough to do that, is more likely willing and uninhibited enough to do just about , within reason anything , that we do on air in our comedic bits, and promo projects.

The grounds for all things leggy goes to the Hazzard, part of HazzardAyre.

The meshing together of the two words is important to understand.

Hazzard , relates to Hazzard County aka Dukes-of-Hazzard, which thankfully CMT is running more guess the fan base and outcry from Ben’ camp as well as us here, has been heard. CMT was loosing big ad dollars , by a lack of viewers and thus Dukes is back on, of course all things Hazzard is coming on in a heavy sweat of mania as yet another Dukes, movie is on the HUD for 2015. CMT is going to be there and certainly so is HazzardAyre and us here in the Hazzard Knytes(aka:Knytes-of-Anarchy). So having a leggy look here is required. About as seriously as legs in nylons are required at Hooters, and yes Hooters is a sponsor of the show.

Of course the Ayre of HazzardAyre, is our part of the brother of the Knytes, the AyreWolvez. The AyreWolvez is a organization, that are fans of and aviation enthusiasts who rebuild, restore and fly real ancient and vintage military warbird style aircraft. The name of both me on air as the AyreWolf, and the AyreWolvez, comes from two sources, one of course a nick name gave to me by two commanding officers. One, being the Confederate Marines, in flying as the Wolf in amongst the Sheep, (BlackSheep Squadron>225pxVma214a) as I always was the one who over achieved in air what few others dared, and of course a CO at Deseret Transportation when I worked there, when my CO, Rocky said one day I truly am the Wolf in amongst the brethren there, since I brought coffee, and skoal to work. Nobody really cared. It might be interesting to note , then Church President, Gordon B Hinckley had a cup of my coffee and a short chew at DT(Deseret-Transportation) one afternoon after lunch.

The real source of the AyreWolf thing came from the old, now running all day long on the Esquire TV Network on cable(Comcast-ch-60) called AirWolf.

So in conclusion, if one who is of the female gender wants a plus in getting hired and wants to demonstrate her prowess and rebel side, the best way is to wear nylons, skirt, heels and somewhere in the interview process, takes off a heel, and gets her toes in nylon hose under my nose, against my lips, without tons of questions.

Next entry; Gays getting married. With the laws now being formulated with both the 9th and 10th Supreme Court not going to examine the question of states rights to allow same sex marriages, can an organization or for that matter , a none profit organization saying no to hiring gays, or those gays who marry?

More over can we refuse membership? I know that the LDS Church is saying no here, and I know that there is going to be a big fuss the first time, the church says no to allowing a gay couple to attend church. Will they allow this? If not , its going to be interesting to see the results of the discrimination law suit over this. We’re watching since all the club, is saying no to allowing membership to Gays of any kind, more over allowing Lesbians membership to the club, or in club owned enterprises such as the Reaper Club, HazzardAyre Radio, or ClubMajor.


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