Friday, October 3, 2014

Sorry about last night but the gig is having hiccups

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Sorry about last night into early morning had to just do OTA(over the air) radio rather than our streamer. Reason, while I’m paying for 100 plus super internet, our upload speed barely is scratching 20mbps. As such there needs to be a review, of the service we get now from Comcast, to see if it can be improved.

Okay that said, had a great visit with a new prospect for a pin up and maybe on air, and while she and her hubby seems eager, the fact is I am feeling like she’ll drop out as well. Going to explore some other contacts for some help in finding help for HazzardAyre.

There has long been this deep need of mine to get tight with gals in nylons and tights. Never have gotten a clear reason why, but put the right gal with the right look in slinky hose and you have me at your complete control. Maybe it was the Dukes gig, maybe even before that in my preteen years, and while only one of my SheWolvez ever gave me full intake to the point the need was satisfied, I have yet to find one that will duplicate that. Miss Dixie Diesel 93, and of course Erin, did the same. Give the kid enough cake and sweets , the kid will get their fill and not want more for awhile. I’m the same way with a gal in nylons. Again few have gave me so much that I got tired of it.

As reported earlier in the week, Tuesday night into early morning Wednesday, my son Leroy passed away from complications of a birth defect and MS. And while I know he is better off than he was on Earth in Heaven with our Heavenly Father, still at 15 years old, a Junior Wolf, and a Junior CAP member Leroy was just gaining altitude in the flyte of life. Leroy could write computer code, plus was a tech wiz. He could rip a computer apart faster than some graduate techs. Leroy was in love with flying, aviation technology , he also loved horses. I met Leroy’s mom Marla just after the full separation of me and Suzi. We clicked and had I been more of kicking the Montgomery Foundation to the curb and moved to Oregon, I’d still be with Marla, but this was 1987 then, I still as now had the mission to the Hazzard Knytes(Knytes-of-Anarchy) as well as to my own company, and fighting the enemies in Idaho , was easier than fighting new authorities. Towing is about as much to do with politics as it does with how fast you can clear the accident or disabled vehicle scene. This was about the same time Hazzard County CSA was being planned, long before Ben Jones built Cooter’s Place. Same idea.

I’m dealing with Leroy’s passing as best as I can, if I keep myself busy, I don’t think about it, but late at night Wednesday into Thursday morning I kept having bad dreams, and I actually cried , something this old Wolf hasn’t done in many centons.

Having to go to the Bishop again for rent money is going to be hard if possible at all. I’d have had money, but I need to be at Leroy’s funeral, so its bus ticket time, plus lodging. True I could stay with my xyl and her new dude, but that’d be really awkward.

I get out of Ogden at 14:30 hours, into Irrigon Oregon, at 21:00 hours, snag a room and a ride, then go to the viewing Saturday morning, then funeral on Monday.

I wanted to pound a bottle of Jack Daniels last night to numb my brain, but stayed at the station here, and zoned out on music.

Any flyte, I’m headed to the Wolf’s Shack until noon catching some sleep, then hoofing it to the bus station in Ogden. Then its time away. Going to try to catch LDS conference on TV and radio, but I’m really hurting without a real solid shoulder to cry on.


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