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If you can’t bring the truck to you, go to the truck

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As I looked over the viewing of my Son this evening here, and passing through my home turf of Idaho, I began to think. You can do that rolling through the Idaho desert in a Greyhound bus.

I thought it was just last year short of 3 months that I looked into being there in Utah, mostly to set up HazzardAyre and secondary to go to flight school to upgrade my flying skills and uprate to rotor craft(helicopter) ratings.

Seeing that upgrading and uprating to rotorcraft is going to be at least another year due to being overweight as well as my diabetes, I began thinking of what else I can do to put food on my table and a roof over my head. Don’t think I’m not grateful to my Heavenly Father and the tax payers of the Union for my Social Security benefits, since I am. However $800.00 a month only goes so far, and its getting really lean.

Two months ago I was not thinking of moving back into Idaho, and I’m still just shopping, but since the radio gig is now near secured, and flying is in the far distance, maybe its time to get back to what I did before, and where my heart is, toewing. That means LexiBelle>lexi in green miniand my abilities thereof.

Since trying to battle the problems in metro Utah going towing would be unrealistic, putting myself where I can tow and yet three times per week or so, shinny down here in the Gen. Jackson to do radio would be the idealistic situation.

So being as I’m going to need to inquire to our Sullivan Hollow Ward Bishop for yet help in both utilities and rent for October, I’m looking at curing the financial drain next month(November) by putting myself in Burley. Okay then, go tow in Idaho, and having the radio gig at a distance might be good conditions.

I tuned in on radio to LDS Conference this afternoon, and heard our Mr. Oaks speak, and as always when he speaks I am moved. Of all the church General Authorities , his words are ones I cling to.

Mr. Oaks spoke of the acceptance of and not faulting those of us who are not us. I have preached this for centons.

I think of the lessons , maybe life lessons of Gene Roddenberry of Star Trek fame. Who taught of not looking at ethnic or cultural backgrounds or at least your race, but more of your abilities.

Many of those who don’t read the Bible, say some were gave talents. The thing is the word is used incorrectly. Talents in those BC days were more a unit of measurement rather than ones abilities. Abilities, and God gave gifts are just that. Talents are the equivalent of our nickels , dimes, and dollars.

Mr. Oaks quoted scripture, of Love they neighbor as you love yourself, as it was quoted Love your neighbor as I have Loved You, as it was Jesus saying love your neighbor as Jesus loves you. If that were fully practiced throughout our church as well as society, Not only would have my ex-roomy’s paid what they promised, but would look past prior misdealing's and say how can I help you now? For I allowed both to move into my domicile below the asked for entry fees. In essence I allowed Jeff to move in on $280.00 rather than the $600.00 I asked for, more over Greg, at $150.00 rather than the $600.00 . But has either one knowing I was struggling said, hey I’ll help you in your rent or utility funds this month.

I read with interest the messages that our Bishop sent me. And while, I just cringe of having to even approach him to help this month, except for sleeping in the office here, I need to. But always leaning on what work I need to do, to get that aid I think is wrong. Now understand, I’m very glad to go to the storehouse to put in time. I can’t help it if it was not credited to me the 8 hours or two days I was there until noon . You scratch the notebook as you go in, and scratch the notebook as you leave. I know I worked in back tieing the crushed boxes one day, I know I stocked the front meat coolers the next, freezing in the process.

And Tuesday I’ll do it again, but gaining some sense of stability right now in my housing arena is prime job numero uno. I’m busting my hump to get me a place where I can live and stay warm through the rest of the winter if not for good, but trying my butt off to get something going where I can retain, my SSI benefits, yet earn legally extra money.

As I gleaned the teaching of Mr. Oaks, on Conference I thought, too, that if everyone truly practiced the things being taught, our Bishop and or a counselor would be over to the house , with checks for rent, my heat gas bill, and help me with the power bill without dredging up the past nor lingering on what I must do. I read very strongly the words from 2nd Timothy, where Paul says: If one does not work, one does not eat. If one were to examine how hard I work on the station, the tow service and all, plus work to help others, there would be no question of or from Church authorities including our Bishop as to my effort. Sure last month I said I’d be there to clean the church. Problem was my old truck would not run. And walking was not an option. So I had to spend that day doing some shadetree mechanic work to at least go by truck . Sure I said I’d go to the storehouse, and church again no fuel, couldn’t go and that Sunday to go to church via foot, it was downpouring.

Forgiveness is another gift I possess. If it were not for forgiveness, I’d have found and pulverized the real estate agent, in Ogden that promised much but failed to deliver. Just as I pray that our Ward forgives me and helps on the expenses I need so desperately . But of the things the Marines taught me, have back up plans. So I’m lining those up.

I can remember as a young wolf-pup in Layton Utah. While I attended all church required things such as Primary and Sunday meetings, the rest of our mainly LDS populated neighborhood , had troubles with me associating with other LDS children, mainly because my Dad was not of the LDS denomination and the fact that my Mom smoked. Although my Mom held several Church callings including Primary and Sunday school teacher. Just because your friend may live another way than YOU do, just because your neighbor may practice another way of life than YOU do, YOU should not shun, but attempt to teach. Don’t force it, if the Lord wishes it, it will happen. Understand your preaching is a tool of the Lord, of Jesus, if the Lord does not wish it at this time, don’t press the issue. This is left up to the wonderful gift of our Savior called FREE AGENCY.

With that in mind, one of my struggles here has been bringing LexiBelle>lexi in green minito me, considering the situation as it is, perhaps I need to go closer to if not where LexiBelle>lexi in green miniis.


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