Saturday, October 11, 2014

I think we hit pay dirt, but its not official until lips kiss toes in hose


Two in and I’m getting giddy, Miss AyreWolf is skiddish on getting toes in hose kissed, however our Wolf Lamb is more than willing, but its not official until I have toes in hose against my lips under my nose, so we see how it goes.

It took a year here, but I think we are escalating to new altitudes here, for both HazzardAyre as well as the club and me for Cooter’s A1 Toewing.

Our Alpha SheWolf, and are were dragging in the studio. Me more so since I hadn’t ate a morsel all day and being here at 18:00 hours, meant no dinner at A&W, but I think we have lift off finally.

Reminds me of Jessie James and his gang, there is success in metro Utah, but only if you scratch and claw your way to it.

Got SheWolf on air but only minimal. She’ll get the rhythm of HazzardAyre, as well as our new Wolf Lamb.

I think our Wolf Lamb, that I’ll just call Lil SheWolf, after all she will be nominated to both the AyreWolvez SheWolvez as well. I think Lil SheWolf has the gumption and ambition, what bothers me, is the trust factor of both. Not that I think, in fact I know they should know nothing that they don’t happen will happen and I’m not shopping for a personal SheWolf here, although if someone were to walk in the door at age 55 or older I wouldn’t jump, but for everything that many wont do, I say find another honey that will. Talking this kind of thing between two gals goes further than if a guy is pitching it.

Okay then, have to cut things short, headed home have duty to the Ward in the AM , so will see all at 18:00 Sunday eve.

Lil SheWolf will be here and we’ll see just how close to lips and nose she gets in her hose, then.

Until then here’s a glimpse of Lil SheWolf.3


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