Tuesday, October 14, 2014


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If Utah as its been reported everywhere on local news outlets is the happiest or the leading happiest states in the Union of Yankees , ya’ll can’t prove it by me.

Oh its fine to move here, and that’s fairly easy, but try to gain a foothold in anything, and if its not you know who approved , you will gain no traction in your action.

What promised to be the water to our media thirst, quickly has became a mirage. Model talent for covers for the albums, website for HazzardAyre and so on nearly none existent.

What talent there is wont cross a certain line. Those that say they’re out there on the edge are not so out there on the edge, they purtty much walk with a strong tether line attached to a solid pipe, or mediocrity and barely surviving.

Never been homeless before, and while its temporary as a good Marine can survive just about anywhere, and I do have the roof of the office and all, and knowing its only a few weeks to the top of the next month, and thus I can move out of the Beecrap state, need to get this gig in Woods Cross ramped up, and a true broadcast female person plugged in so I don’t have to do much except a monthly visit, record some voice tracks then vamoose.

So why can’t the local media tell the truth, and say simply, that Utah is a great state to visit, vacation in, but ya’ll can’t afford to live here on a medium to low income. It’s impossible. Let alone to set up and run a SMB(Small, medium, business) no you have to kick, claw and scratch your way and get help from important sources? Really, only if you nearly are on the cold doorstep.

Sure I wanted to pay the last few months rent on time, but I got promises by two former so called room mates that said they’d chip in, and I believed them, so much for trusting Yankees. Our Heavenly Father says forgive, and that he wont give us challenges to heavy to bare, but My back is really getting strained here.

Everyone from Charlie my partner in Idaho, who said you’ll be sorry, and he was right and if he had a place available, I’d already be in move mode there. Linc down at the yard said, you don’t want to live in Ogden it’s a rat trap. He was right, but I trusted Dave my landlord, a swift talking real estate salesguy, and a few others, but now I’m sleeping in a office chair, sweating, ain’t had a good bath or shower for 3-1/2 weeks, its getting old.

Have to heat the crap hole I live in by holding open the Oven door, at night.

Yea if Utah is the happiest state in the Yankee Union, ya’ll cain’t prove it by me.


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