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If it’s my blunder I have to pay for it, shouldn’t Comcast?

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If I injure a car or truck in the operation of towing it, I have to pay for the damage. If I’m late in responding to a call I have to do the tow free or severe discount. If something happens to a vehicle stored in my impound yard, paid for or not, I still have to make that damage right with the customer.

But then of course besides here at HazzardAyre, still in my main line of enterprise I take very careful efforts to do the right thing, to obey traffic laws, and treat customers the way I wish to be treated.

So in July we finally gained our office/studio here in Woods Cross Utah. Moved the gig from my house in Ogden, here to Woods Cross Utah, the only paper I got from Comcast was a statement saying because of the move I didn’t owe anything. Okay great. August rolls around, and I called asked for what I owed, they told me, but in duties elsewhere wasn’t able to get the bill paid. So called 8 times to Comcast, and kept getting the response you can view the bill online. Which does not help me in any case since I need the paper bill. Comcast said they’d send it to me. A paper statement. Still no paper bill.

I guess there was a mis communication somewhere, since it seems too many besides our sweet Laura has much of a brain, but HazzardAyre Radio is the sole owned company of the KNYTES-OF-ANARCHY, not me. I only manage the thing, I’m not in charge of anything. For the first 5 months of the account, they sent me a paper bill in Ogden, come the first of the month I went to their Layton Utah office and paid the current charges, and all was good. The thing is the club had the paper bill , they had something to hang their hat on. I’d send the club the paper bill, they’d send me the money to pay it all was good.

Yet , here lately , the company being Comcast, ignored my request for a PAPER bill to be sent to me. Now its 90 days past due, and I don’t have $1,000.00 to pay them, much less $800.00 for current charges. How did it get that way? How many times do I need to call Comcast? I remember tiny SpeedConnect in Twin Falls Idaho.

If there was a billing problem, I’d call, go to the office and pay the bill, they got the idea that the club needed a paper bill. More over if SpeedConnect goofed up, they’d give me extra time or a month of service free.

No I face getting unplugged from Comcast, and that’ll mean , no radio station for 45 days until Digis is installed. The club does not mind paying its bills, as long as it has a bill is there to account for the money being paid. As a none profit organization , the IRS and others occasionally does audits. If there’s money being paid we have to account for that money, or we get hammered.

But this is not the only blunder from Comcast.

Back in May, I signed up Cooter’s A1 Toewing for a landline, for my company. No Internet, no nothing else, but just the landline. I know stupid, I should have just gotten a cell phone, and been good, but Utah PSC mandates a tow firm on rotation have both landline and cell. So I did what I thought was good. The blunder? Again, no paper bill for a two months. So they cut it off, I called, by then Comcast wanted again $800.00 . Hey Comcast, wake up , if your asked for a paper bill, send a damn paper bill. But there’s more. Month of June mid month the blooming thing quit. So on another landline called late at night on a stormy night by the way, and said what happened to my phone? The response from a tech was I can’t help you with any thing being it’s a business account. So I said, okay I wanted a month free of service. The tech said he’d honor that, said he’d make a note of it. But guess what Comcast had no record of it, and eventually disconnected it.

Comcast as a communications company, so called Built-4-Business, or even consumer use isn’t having a great time of it. I don’t know what these people are making an hour, but their call takers and sales people do not have the best of reputations. The guy who got mad who was a ex AOL tech, got a thing on YouTube over his troubles with Comcast. Comcast is buying TWC, if they can’t do any better with a majority of customers like me and my SMB, how are they going to satisfy other customers and the extra customer base of TWC?

I got a message from some gal named Comcast Cassie, trouble is no email return.  Comcast wanted me to re-engage Cooter’s A1 as well as retaining HazzardAyre Radio. What the club does with HazzardAyre Radio and Comcast is the clubs decision. As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather stay with a Cell phone, and soon to be with Digis.

Customer retention and loyalty, is really something Comcast needs to look into. Their track record is not good. Come Tuesday next week, the bill I suppose will be paid to Comcast, as for me I turned it in .



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