Monday, October 20, 2014

Harder to get out than to get in

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From the very second I entered this dimension of existence, I was of the LDS faith. I truly think Mom had more to do with that than Dad did. Dad would have had me be Southern Methodist or of that area. Any way I was Mormon.

I walked the steps, from Primary to a so called High Priest, in the Melkezdick Priesthood. Only symbolic, however never ordained. Oh yes I did my missionary duty and all, but even through that my mission partner, was caught doing the feel it up to one of the Jap families we were teaching. The church just swept it under the rug and nothing further mentioned.

My mission was cut short, as my number to the UCSMC came up so I went to military duty.

I remember several times I questioned the denomination. Its more a self appointed dominion over the west. Including the church reaching over the border of Idaho, and making those not of the denomination fear those in some measure of power that are of the LDS denomination.

I can remember this at the time I thought anyway, one gal of one of the well to do families in Hazzard, of the Hazzard Ward, there was only one, one evening at Mutual going out back of the church for a smoke, yet earlier that evening, me being chastised by the mother of the same girl, for having a pinch between cheek and gum.

There is a list a mile long and 4 miles wide, of my grievances with the LDS Church, not too mention, the dishonesty of it. But the fact is, I Googled how to get excommunicated from the Church, yet its all about how Bishops and all can excommunicate you, but how does one resign by choice, remove all records of ever being a member of said church and completely step out of it? There is none, yet that’s exactly what I’m doing and working towards as the last of the things on my bucket list of being in Utah.

Reason? When I get a heated response like I got from the so called loving and holier than though Bishop, just because I asked for a tank of fuel, albeit yes they did help on the rent and such one more time, but damn, I’ve had it.

Just like Utah itself, its harder to get out of than to get in. Any suggestions?


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