Thursday, October 16, 2014

I may have the patience of JOB , but the Knytes do not!!

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While I may have the patience of JOB, the Knytes-of-Anarchy does not.

Fact, the club through both the Knytes as well as the AyreWolvez have been sitting on the dime waiting for a dollar to get some publicity on HazzardAyre on METV ch 4.2 or Comcast 104 here.

METV is now running Black Sheep Squadron, the albeit dramatized TV show based on Boyington’s book and bio.

Now TV advertising must be going super strong and I know that ain’t so, since I read the trade publications like TV stations do. So why is it , that its taken, nearly 6 months, to get Ch-4’s ad guru’s not came to see us? Granted we had something in the works once on production, but the price of the eye candy talent from Talent Management Group, was too much for what we were getting.

So then the delay was finding the right talent for the right rate. Finally, we got here.

Through the time frame its been getting shuffled off, to too many account reps.

Getting some ink or video shot to air on generic TV has either ignored us or don’t feel that they can accommodate. Whatever the reason, one would think that especially now that the mid term elections are nearly over, that with those loosing those elections not being in a big rush to pay the ad bill, that generating some serious income for a TV network would be right at the top of their to do list. Yet here we sit.

One called today just a few ago, said they’d call back yet , no return call.

What do we got to do, run ads direct to the network itself to get some local interest?

Same shit we ran into with Comcast Advertising here. The sales guy that was going to get in touch, never returned. Sure the rate on SOA was a bit up there, but certainly we could have worked around that, since SOA is one of the cores of our club. If the one guy who sells ads here wasn’t up to the task you’d think Comcast Advertising would have assigned someone else to service our needs, especially considering that this is the final run for SOA on FX. Added to that our deep Hazzard County connection and with CMT, now running the Dukes again, you’d think they’d get off their rumpus’ and get in touch, certainly coming to the studio here would be an easy deal. Nope.

So while I may have the patience of JOB, the Knytes do not!!

But then , that’s why your happy to know and tune into HazzardAyre, we Git-R-Done.

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