Monday, October 13, 2014

Sorry, but I was wrong, now I know why broadcast radio went to automation

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Big or small media markets, in most radio stations, its an early wake up LIVE drive time run, or a go home drive Live run, the rest of the time

its Drake and Chennault style automation. Be it from a satellite service or a voice, program track, but its not LIVE.

Reason, few of anybody wants to put in the hours, no how much money you get paid, and here at HazzardAyre we pay good, right at $30.00 per on air hour, but few want to put in the time, to train, research, and deliver live radio. Much less LIVE TV. That’s why many even syndicated TV shows, from Doctor OZ to Cookin with Guss, is pre-recorded. Little is done LIVE any more.

I used to punish, and condemn the pay to be on air, operation of former friend Kim Lee of Lee Family Broadcasting in Burley/Rupert. Instead of him hiring new talent and going through hell doing it, he just makes the hosts of programs, on KBAR, pay him for the privilege of being on his radio station.

I used to chew out the rest of the greater Twin Falls, and Boise area stations for nobody in the studio, programming, Nobody is able to step up. Few young people ages 25 to 45 are willing to drop in a studio.

Those dedicated , can rise to the top of the bucket, like Howard Stern, to be making $500,million bucks per show, but few see the forest for the trees. What they see is a low wage, low thrill job, and not a career.

This is why there are few, if any at all radio skills schools out there any more.

The what and who are not willing to jump in and learn.

The old at least in Utah, Southern from Border to Boise LDS attitudes and limitations are constantly there. Many including and especially the female gendered talent will not do near radical, rebel radio, much less TV. Can you see Bare or Bikini News produced in our area?

This is why on the edge radio and TV will not be in the immediate reach out of either Utah or Idaho. Same reason that brothels that are not legal here yet legal in Nevada. Both make sense, many Utahrds will go to Wells for pleasure, yet few would vote to allow same behaviors in Utah or Southern or Eastern Idaho.

So to Chris Pruett, Kim Lee, Gina, and oh so many, I now know why LIVE radio is going into the toilet. Even Howard Stern is having to host America’s Got Talent.

Then people at such industry publications as Radio Ink, wonder why IHeart, Pandora and XM is rapidly replacing Terrestrial Radio.

No talent, and few to be talent.

As for HazzardAyre, we’ll still stay LIVE, with mainly just me in the cockpit of the station. I made my mind up this morning when one I was planning on decided to bug out. My call to the club was extensive, but outside of Wolf Lamb, >3if the club wants to hire female interns and on air talent, let them hire em, train em, then call me to put em on the air. This way we might and I say might get someone who can walk in off the street, sit in a control room and deliver quality radio. As it is now, its I ain’t hiring nobody since the talent field is empty.



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