Friday, October 10, 2014

Us Male corpuscles can get it too

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Men can get it too. Did you know that a man carries all the needed parts to carry and conceive a baby? Sadly most men will not admit that we also have in our cell make up, estrogen as well as testosterone. As such we also can experience that special time of the month. Yes a period. While its not as dramatic as it may seem, such as bleeding, or puss, we will seep moisture. Men also can go through Menopause, yes the change. For men it becomes a slight reduction in seaman output. Even things as weird as a yeast infection, or what I term smelly balls can occur. Where even with careful washing, your crotch can smell atrocious. Which will make you more sensitive to allowing a sweet gal to go down on you, as she will be seriously gassed out.

The PH level will be different and smell worse than she does, its not the sweet musky scent, it registers up there with the rear of a bull.

I recently discovered this when getting an annual physical to fly. I had what is termed smegma. Smegma for all who don’t know, is left over build ups of semen or the left over discharge she left on you if she did in fact reach climax orgasm. Even wearing the flight suit, the build up can collect around the base of your shaft, and get slightly crusty around your testicles. This seepage is why many men have to organize their equipment every once in awhile. And even then your fingers smell really bad, not as much as if you just wiped your anus , but there will be a certain smell that is hard to get rid of, you wont easily detect it as much as she will.

A Doctor in Rupert once explained these things, and the fact that us male corpuscles carry , baby carrying equipment. A placenta uterus and so on. While delivery would be a serious challenge only by C section we could in reality carry a baby to term.

So the next time you think you have a none STD, but think your experiencing such a thing as a yeast infection, or get cranky at certain times of the month, remember you and I my fellow brethren, can get the same infections etc as women do.

If you want to find out more, log onto or pick up the book Quivering Jello.


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