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Housing prices are too high in Utah compared to surrounding states like Idaho and Wyoming

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In only one year and its all gone up. Question is; why?

A year ago about this time, when we first was surveying the area for me to go to air school to up my flight ratings, and to establish HazzardAyre, I knew commuting to Utah from Twin Falls was cost wise prohibitive. So I started looking at housing. Back then a good apartment here could be had for $500.00 a month or less. Seems that now days, your lucky if you can find a good room to rent here for that price.

Was there a housing glut or did the slight uptick in the economy give rise to rent rates?

By comparison in Idaho in many areas although I haven’t checked Boise for numerous reasons, one can not only get an apartment for $500.00 a month, but in some areas like Burley , and such, one can find a whole house for $500.00 a month.

Wyoming is pretty near that as well. So again the question needs to be asked, what happened that increased the rent rates in metro Utah?

I am thinking its not just greed, although that’s 80% of it, the other is the mirage of a job glut, more over an overstated economic forecast that says Utah is all bubbling. Truth is housing, fuel, utility, and numerous costs that should be fixed are way out of reality and not true. The number of truly homeless in Utah exceeds that of neighboring states. If you can find a place for $500.00 a month or less in Utah , hold onto it as best as you can which is about what I’m doing, except the fight in this old Wolf is nearing a give up level. Considering without a set of receipts that are evading me I don’t think the Bishop is going to help this time, considering the rest of the help I’ll need, including natural gas for heat and all, and the blooming power bill.

The effort is getting to me and I might be in a spot where I just have call Uncle and say I can’t do this any more.

Which is why I’m pushing to get BrandiWine trained our way and working here. So I can relocate right after the holidays if not before.

Its not that the Natural Gas bill is big at $40.00 the last bill I had, I could afford. Trouble is the dillweeds at Questar, kept sending my cousin the bill from March to June. Thing is the cousin is dead. Bud died a year ago, God rest his troubled soul, but why at first did Questar send Cousin Bud the bill when I told them not to at first long before I moved here, in late February? Second, why didn’t they call me until June? Clerical error or just Utahrd stupid? Has to be all that. The power bill, wasn’t my last two room mates supposed to cover part of that? Guess they didn’t, makes one wonder what they did with the money I didn’t collect from them for part of the rental fees. Then Jeff one of my room mates got tweaked about the supposed money I owed him? Really? Seems like I got took once again. our Heavenly Father says we need to forgive and treat and love thy neighbor as we want to be loved and treated. Trouble is , I do , but get kicked in the head in the process, if not mule kicked in the teeth.

Hope the Bishop will help, on Sunday, but if not at least I have the joint for 3 to 4 days to move out, and try curling up here at the office.

Found that I can shower over here at the truck stop, so either way, I’ll be covered. Next month, its rent the other office for a office by day, sleep place at night, both together will cost $500.00 but I trust these people, so we’ll see. At least I’ll have roof over my head.

If Utah is to keep improving and all it needs to get this high rent stuff curbed. Or its going to find in a year or so, people moving out as fast or faster than they move in.

Being held off by the Bishop, just for a few receipts, for prior rent bills paid, because I just can’t find the originals, is ludicrous. Its not like I haven’t been under pressure, no meds, heck can’t afford em, its not like Idaho’s Medicaid. Heck there the whole med bill is covered, here it’s a $4.00 co-pay. Like I’ve said except for the office/studio rent, that I pay as monthly dues to the club, the rest of the station’s expenses including employee wages are covered by the club. Club members put in time on the station is done through volunteer service to the club. Club members don’t make a tiny cent doing radio here.

So if I have misplaced these receipts, then I need to be forgave, helped out, on the conditions previous set forth on such things as storehouse duty.

We’ll see what falls from the tree, Sunday.

But Utah is becoming all too greedy in its housing prices. The economy hasn’t recovered to the point these rent rates indicate.

Is there a solution? Yes, it’s called get rid of the Yankees, in power and replace it with Confederate Confederate_Flag20premium common sense. Be tuned in tonight at 18:00 6:00 PM for the introduction to and of BrandiWine Miss AyreWolf 2015, the Alpha SheWolf of HazzardAyre Radio.

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