Monday, October 20, 2014

It’s not This is the place, more like You sure this is it?

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Years and years ago, a group of fleeing refuges and pioneers crested the big mountain. A so called leader said This is the Place, or so its been said.

I truly believe that it was more like , are you sure this is it?

A vast wasteland of a receding lake, high desert that could not sustain a crop. Yet these people persevered and prospered. Oh how the centuries have changed and the people that created this area.

Today its more of the well to do’s and have’s between the have nots, and there is little if any in between.

Today I received notice from KTVX 4, that they for some odd known reason couldn’t accommodate us at this time. Great so now have to shop for a venue, to get the word out about HazzardAyre. I suppose that KTVX does not realize it just lost 25,000 viewers of METV, and most of KTVX. Maybe the FCC at renewal, as well as ABC should learn of this refusal. ABC is part of Disney, HazzardAyre has been a radio partner of Disney for 10 years now, so yes there will be noise made.

Does anybody watch METV any more? If they do, all they are watching is repeats of old shows that few if anyone wants to watch twice let alone constantly.

Same ring I heard from RFDTV.

So what to do? Here comes HazzardAyre TV. A full on local LPTV station that will show the shows, including hits , from the Dukes-of-Hazzard to B.J. & The Bear. Yes we have it.

But you’d think KTVX would have had better sense than to piss off the Wolf. But they didn’t. Okay so lets go find a new venue. Likewise do what we need to , to get out in the marketplace with a product that even the have nots or near have not SMB owners can get their word out.

Both TV as well as radio.

Call it media wars, the Yankees against the the southern brethren, call it what you will.

The thing is, you’d think the jerks at KTVX would have at least honored us as a group, of aviators who flew with and still fly with the legendary VMF-214/VMA-214 BlackSheep. After all if the network is going to run and it be seen locally the albeit dramatized bio loosely taken from Boyington’s book, that you could get the stuck up’s to sit up and get involved.

Now do I think that if one of the other crew here called and created a stink that KTVX would give some attention to us, yes. After all if I’m told no or the club, both the AyreWolvez as well as the Knytes, we’ll find a way. But even with that the common courtesy of further explaining why they said no, after keeping us on hold since June, would be well common courtesy.

But Courtesy is not something common in Metro-Utah.

In closing, when the words were spoken beit This is the place, or if in fact and I think it was, you sure this is it, I firmly believe it was not that any body in the Wasatch basin then would be of the mindset of what is, today’s Utah.

What does this mean?

That after noon.



Quote of the Day:
I do not agree with a word that you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.
Psalm 51:12“Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.”

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