Thursday, October 2, 2014

If you call be for real I hate teasers.


I just hate teasers. These people looking for and needing work, who would stand on their heads in a pouring snow storm if it was for an audition for The Voice or American Idol, or swallow flames for America’s Next Top Model, when they call us here at HazzardAyre its like say what?

I don’t quite understand it, yes there are scammers and fakes and worse, and while I wont say the Knytes or any member of the Wolf-Pack are choir boys , but I’ve never seen a member yet hurt someone especially female, yet, at least physically. So what’s the problem.

Sure the entry money is not all that great, $100.00 to $300.00 an on camera hour isn’t much , but considering that being on camera for the club in promotion of the radio station’s website and the network/show is a springboard to a talent contract in excess of $300,000.00 and a step into our movie projects , one would think getting to us, and at least leaving a real phone number or a real email address so we could respond to their inquiry would be right up there with an audition for the Voice, seeing as we pay more on an entry level than any and I mean ANY of those shows, if the applicant proves her worth.

Then there is HazzardAyre Radio itself. Granted we are a bit off plumb for some of these Yankee, women and all to get with, but hey where is anyone in radio as picky as it is these days to get a on air LIVE radio co anchor host entry job, making a minimum of $30.00 an hour? Okay so maybe looking for a size 7 hot red head, with Daisy Duke legs is a reach, and why does looks count, hey its Hazzard based, its on TV as well as on radio albeit streaming right now, so yes looks count. While I can see the hesitation of some thinking that what is gold may be just lead, I also know what this tiny radio gig can do when it gets mad or gets serious. I also have seen how fast we are growing and what’s on the HUD(Heads-up-Display) since HazzardAyre was created in 2011 HazzardAyre Radio went from an idea to one of the most feared and respected radio again albeit streaming internet radio, but feared and respected radio shows on the web and certainly on air.

The reason for a gal? Simple it works, it worked for Stern (Howard Stern) with his female co-anchor/side kick, Robin Quivers, it’ll work here too. Get a southern belle type who can talk the talk and walk the walk of the biker/trucker/aviation community, to sit in 3 times a week and rake in serious cash. And yet, calls come in, but no real responders and fake numbers and all that are not real.

Okay then enuff of that.

HazzardAyre Radio got its green light for being a trial network on XM/Sirius satellite, likewise, will go on over the air on an old station’ channel located in Tremonton Utah. As well as our primary filing in Woodruff Utah.

Further details coming in another article.

For those that read this looking to be involved with HazzardAyre, if your serious call or contact us, if not just go away, a $50k maybe audition on the Voice or America’s Next Top Model might be the avenue for you. Bottom line put up or shut up.



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