Friday, October 17, 2014

Sorry about that but I’m burning out

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Last evening at 18:00 hours I did something that I have not done since 1984. I left before starting an air shift for HazzardAyre Radio.

While I’m still all energetic about the operation and what it can do, I’m likewise, getting rather burned out on it as well.

One or even the 2 of us in Utah that manage this here in Utah, and 3 in Idaho one at 3 locations just does not cut it.

The expense, time consumption, the sweat and worry over both on air people , the talent searches, and trying to get some awareness of the network on local TV stations, and all the rest has me to a point, of saying, okay I came, the station is where it needs to be, what the hell am I still doing here?

I’m thrilled with Antwanette, and all and know we have a great resource there, she is hot looking, has the personality and attitude , but she too is one person.

When BrandiWine decided to leave, AFTER , I had spent numerous nights here, trying to train and get her on board doing radio OUR way, she decides to bail. Only she knows why.

Was it the toew smooch? I think it was 80% of the reason she split, the conversation between her and her guy decided that some other guy namely the Wolf here, might be too much for her to handle. My question was, why even bother me if your not serious. Trust me fixing my trucks , servicing the rest of the fleet, and getting ready for a winter toew season, is what makes me money, and paying money to my Landlord, rather than taking money to buy gas to trek down here every day, to be here to train people, that flat do not take the gig as serious as we do.

I am counting on Antwanette, as our sister and station assistant manager. But even with that, she is only one person. She can only do so much, as unlike myself and a few others here, she has a husband and a family, outside the club. She has other things to do. Its way to early to bring on someone full time, but at least we have someone now to make sure the candles are lit, the bills paid, and maintain operations while I’m back in Twin Falls.

Yes I have elected, to go home. Lack of hangar space for the warbirds and helicopters, lack of shop/impound yard space at a reasonable price per month. Over regulation on towing in Utah which means investing nearly $20k before we can make even one dollar, the list goes on, but there’s not enough here to get me to sink in my anchor.

I saw an article yesterday on my Yahoo page about Wal-Mart, versus Costco employee pay. Wal-Mart just a smidge over minimum wage at $13.00 an hour, and Costco just a smidge over $20.00 an hour. When I see these numbers I think, are we paying too much for station employees? Think of it this way, at $30.00 an hour with a full benefit package, for on air, even $25.00 an hour for training interns , and although not exactly the tamest job in the genere still few if anyone of the female gender applies, much less comes for an interview. Then I read and saw the thing over this feminazi that cancelled out her speech at the Utah State University in Logan, yet the students there we protesting how the playing field for women is not even or level with similar jobs as men, etc, or the view of women being royalty yet here we sit, struggling to even get a bur under the saddle of any gal, to put her skirt, nylons and heels on, and come to the office/studio for even an interview or begin training.

At this rate, I could have left the radio thing in Ogden at the house, paid all my expenses on time every month, not be behind on both Comcast, nor looking at being homeless, just because a few women thought it too spooky to come to the RoadHouse to do radio.

All said if it was in an office environment they would come. Vickie at TMG said if it was in a public office, she’d send over a few of her people to interview, same noise came from Urban talent. How damn close does the office need to be to their offices? Schute, Woods Cross is just out their back door, very public, and very professional here, yet nobody comes over.

Okay can’t fix the past, but while Antwanette, is now a SAMCRO MC/KOA employee, I myself am burning out.

I’m not loosing my truck, my hot rod, nor my bike, over this, nor my aircraft, not in the current situation. So I’m renting a room in Roy for three months, putting the finishing touches on this, try to get METV 4.2 Utah, to get someone over here before I loose interest in them and just buy ads on METV the network and bypass the local affiliate, all together, and just advertise the AyreWolvez as well as HazzardAyre on METV nationally.

When it comes to Metro-Utah while there are certainly great people here, ones that really want to help us get going, there is a similar amount if not greater of a population that has no regard to growing e-commerce, not jumping on board with a flying/bikers club.

So in closing when it comes to Metro-Utah, I have done what I came for, the radio station is where its going to be , the stream is set up, so now I can leave, go home to Idaho, and do what I do best, toew.



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