Sunday, October 19, 2014

A few days off helps

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A few days of rest without a phone or computer helps. Such was the case from Friday night on. Yes I had every intention of being inside the cockpit of HazzardAyre, but I slept through a day into mid early morning Sunday.

I had every intention as well of going to Church, Priesthood and all Sunday morning, but I really scared of getting to attached to the Ward I’m currently in and although my Bishop and Home teacher are now very good dear friends or at least I consider them in that way, but right now getting attached to the Ward, knowing in two weeks the likely hood of my going home to Idaho, is very real. Leaving Antwanette in charge of the daily grind here at the studio/office.

My next door neighbor Dave, was jawing last night about how thinking that me going toewing here in Metro-Utah was at best a long reach. I fully agree with him. Understand, I did not relocate to Metro-Utah to go toew. Its just stupid to try to take our although able, antiquated equipment and go against or in competition with the near show trucks of the Wasatch front. Sure over in Tooele or very far west Tooele County Utah, near Wendover where there is no toew truck for 60 miles might work, likewise, through Morgan , Morgan County, Hennifer, and to Echo Junction might work as well, but realize, I came to Utah, for two things, the bigger pipeline of Comcast to bring HazzardAyre to at least simmering temperature was number one and two to upgrade, my flight ratings at Upper Limit Aviation. Of the two, Upper Limit from what I understand moved to Cedar City, Utah. Plus I still need to loose 60 more pounds to qualify to fly. So I’m still in the hangar rather than in the cockpit.

HazzardAyre Radio and all that it is and will be further, with the next phase of advancing to a LPTV station next year, but our location is set.

Right here in Woods Cross, Utah. That said , I still need to be making twice what I’m making income wise, to be able to even think of remaining fully in Utah.

With Wolf-Pup>GREETINGSneeding to renew license plates and knowing that to bring it to Utah standards being TOO expensive, when I roll up to Idaho in two weeks to renew my tags, I’ll also be looking at finding winter quarters. Only coming down two times a month as weather allows. So laying in a bunch of voice tracks and such, but come mid November this old wolf is back in Idaho.

This requires, Antwanette to nearly be glued to my heels over the next few weeks, to learn the in’s and out’s of how and who we do business with.

My neighbor Dave asked me last night, just what it would take to get me to remain in Utah, I told him, that to get me to pull my self up by my boot straps and ROS in metro Utah, it would take a hot redhead , my age, that looked like Gretchen Wilson>gretchen-wilsongretchen-wilson-picture-1

MTE5NDg0MDU0NzE3MDQwMTQz that for once have money of her own and a kountry will and rebel personality, then I might consider it.

Now that said why is this so important. While it may not look like it, and its not too difficult to rectify my living arrangements, still going home to any home, and just having 4 walls an Comcast TV to keep me company has gotten way too old. Add to that, I haven't touched a woman in nearly a year, and just the other day when one of our interns here, at HazzardAyre touched me innocently on the shoulder, it was as if somebody took a wire and plugged it into an outlet. It’s having no human contact, and yet having to remain purrfectly professional with female interns. I’d be so scared if just one got serious, about getting serious.

That all said, I need the interaction, I need to have Charlie and the A1 family around me again, and even with the butt maggots out of MHI, I still miss my Idaho. I miss farm kountry, I miss the morning doves cooing out my door, and window. I miss open country haulin, and I miss my LexiBelle. So the push is to get my tush moved back home.

But while I had every intention of being on air and all this past weekend, I decided to preserve my mind and remain home.

I will be on air on Monday for our last show for 2014 on HazzardAyre. It’s the last show, since we’ll have to wait for Digis to get installed the microwave Internet, since the club has decided to go that way. In 4 months we’ll have Comcast paid up again and we’ll use Comcast as a backup. But this may take a few months with weather and all on the horizon, so we’ll be pulling the cord on Tuesday for a few months.

All this next week from Tuesday on, I’ll be doing my duty to the Church for their help, plus doing a once more recon, here for some sort of low cost but suitable housing.



Quote of the Day:
Your heart often knows things before your mind does.
--Polly (Pearl) Adler
Psalm 37:4“Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

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